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Confirming stereotypes about Austria July 30, 2010

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Yes, Austria is picturesque.

Yes, it’s unreally beautiful.

Yes, lucky people live there.

After a short trip in a rural Austria I can only confirm this trivial statements with my photos:




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  1. nmirel Says:

    i do remember that one of my austrian teachers saying ‘ osterreicher, kleine Leute sprechen ueber kleine Dinge in diesem kleinen Land’:)))

    Österreich ist eine kleine Welt mit einem ganz besonderen Schatz! nature where it is at its most natural!

    oh vienna, die Bezirken, Niederosterreich, Krems an der Donau, die Wachau, wo ich gelebt habe, Durnstein, Bauernhöfe….kleiner Brauner-grosser Brauner, Chriskindlmarkte, Tirol….Naturliebe
    naturgegebene Schoenheit und klimatische Beguengstigung haben die Menschen im Stromtal der Donau seit Urzeiten angeregt, sich hier eine Welt voller Harmonie zuschaffen. So ist eine Kulturlandschaft ganz besonderer und eigener Praegung entstanden, die bis heute nichts von ihrem Zauber verloren hat
    mit Liebe

  2. swaps Says:

    Happy for you, Axinia!

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos, Axinia. Those cat dolls are so beautiful, I loved them! 🙂

    Does that bookstore actually date back to 1594? 😯 Unbelievable! Kudos to the family members (I bet it is a family owned store, or at least one that was family owned for long periods in its history) for maintaining it continuously down the ages. It takes some effort and passion to keep a shop (a book-shop at that) open for more than four centuries continuously!

    Wow! What a beautiful country! It looks like paradise to me! 🙂 It’s great that Austria is a civilised country as well, for all its natural beauty would have meant absolutely nothing if it was an uncouth, turd world crap hole.

    I still cannot understand why you would want to leave such a heavenly country as Austria at some point in the future and permanently move to a filthy, barbaric, turd world trash can of an evil empire (over)populated by hundreds of millions of uncivilised, regressive, pea-brained savages who follow a stinking “culture” that’s rotten to the core 😕 Why would anyone want to move from a civilised first world country ranked 14 on Human Development to an uncouth turd world dump hole ranked 134 on the same scale 😕 Who would ever want to leave a country where less than 1% of the people live below the international poverty level of 2 dollars a day and move to an evil turd world barbarocratic empire where more than three-fourths (or >75%) of the population wallow in misery, to a turdy overpopulated filth hole that thinks it’s a “superpower” (including “economic superpower” 😆 ) but actually has more poor, desperate people than all of sub-Saharan Africa 😕


  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    Raj, since this blog came I want share, today i have time. I want to put it in different manner.
    Austria is good and enjoyable even rich also, no dought. One can see roads, fields, houses and planned township even blessed by nature also may be due to summer. Cleanliness … I really admire.
    When we compare our life to this and one thought came in my mind that it is good they have left Russia, at least they have got freedom to live with their own.
    Second thing when compare to India!!!
    Rural India is simply horrible. Malaria, Swine flu, All type GI/Respiratory diseases, Jaundice…. Indian dont know basics of community hygiene. In village you cannot walk on road…as it is commonly used for open defecation. Axinia told she can milk cow also. Very nice but not possible in India. You must have seen the status of cattle field. Even animal can’t stay there.. I cannot imagine also that Axinia is milking in Indian cattle field with this nicely well groomed fashion. I am also landowner. I have also cattle’s in my village but definitely I can tell you, you cant stay there, where I have spend all my childhood and work together which I like also. Here I am not talking about how working with mother earth is beneficial but now a day it is so much miserable. The other side, cities are slumming only. very few societies are good and well constructed with road and all. We are lacking in basic facilities only .literally Zero sanitation. No awareness at all. only corruption occur on the name of development. when govt has given Rs.5000/ for construction of latrine to people of BPL. All money gets west. Those who constructed, not using. No Water./No proper use of water. Most importantly no desire for maintaince of clean environment, lot of reason behind. “Nirmal Gram” Is only Dream Will never succeed. (Name Coincident!!! Means clean).It doesn’t mean that they are poor….
    And attitude of people is responsible for that. They can do lot of things with their own to make life heavenly even without money but not. It is the attitude of people and will not change at all, as is well formed in black stone. So well come to rural India!!! For true social worker there is lot of work…. And MSW/ GOVT social worker there is no work literally as they are helpless without money, peoples cooperation and engaged in corruption only.
    I read one story last week somewhere.( In sudha Murti’s story book , You Know ,why Narayan Murti turn on other side because He was arrested and put in prison and badly treated while traveling after completing his study,from Barlin to Masco and literally thrown away, he came by walking !!! Which was also not sure..!Because he talks against,otherwise he was having good attitude towards communism))
    A rich man decided to give experience of poverty to his son. So he sends him in his friend’s house to stay for few days.
    After returning, He told him to write essay on “Poverty”.
    He wrote….
    I have seen poverty. My loving uncle is very poor. He is having only one bedroom bungalow which is very small. He is having only one car which all has to share… He can offord only once in month to hotel to take dinner. He used to give me only Rs 100/- as pocket money to me only not others by which I can’t by anything, play material…even comics and chocolates… And so on….
    I think poverty also can measured on once own experience of it.
    The other side he wrote’s…
    As I used sleep on tares, I could able to see night sky which I have never seen in my house.
    our windows were always open because no A.C. due to which I could able to breathe in fresh air, which I could not in all time A.C bungalow/Car. Auntie used to prepare fresh food and used to serve all at one time hot, which “Oven” food I used to eat alone in our house. No servants, we all together used to clean cloths, rooms bedding…Which is done by servant in our house? No work for me so I used get bored in our bungalow but uncle’s house how I spend my time, I can’t remember. Without watching T.V. We all even auntie/Uncle used to sleep together in one bed while chatting… When & how I used to sleep I don’t know.
    I used to take bath in flowing river which I never seen in our bungalow and so on…..

    I try to submit it for two times because net failure!!!!

    • Dear Maheshsaheb,

      Austria is good and enjoyable even rich also

      All that is certainly true about Austria, but most importantly, it is a civilised country. All the natural beauty in the world would mean absolutely nothing if Austria was an uncouth turd world trash can. Actually, Mother Earth does not differentiate between different places on herself. Even the filthiest turd world dump holes would have a few places that are naturally beautiful, where the rapidly overbreeding barbarians have not (yet) set their dirty feet upon, and are completely in the lap of Mother Nature. And natural beauty does not necessarily have to mean unending greenery and colourful wild flowers interspersed with bluish mountains and silvery lakes or a little island paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters. Even dense forests, shrub jungles, hard rocky mountains, unending deserts and permanently snow-covered wastelands are naturally beautiful in their own ways. Natural beauty is neither limited to the first world nor to places with a particular climate or soil.

      Indian dont know basics of community hygiene. In village you cannot walk on road…as it is commonly used for open defecation… And attitude of people is responsible for that. They can do lot of things with their own to make life heavenly even without money but not. It is the attitude of people and will not change at all, as is well formed in black stone.

      😯 😯 Maheshsaheb, as much as whatever you wrote is completely true, do you really want to turn yourself into an undesirable here, who is hated and despised by many for stating things as they are and not being afraid to call a spade a spade?

      You can appeal to many more people (both turd world hordes and hopelessly brainwashed first worlders) by thrashing the civilised societies that are supposedly “so materialistic” and praising the “great culture” and “unparalleled spirituality” of the nastiest turd world crap holes and their uncouth, barbaric, rabidly overbreeding hordes who practise filthy, regressive, mediaeval “cultures”. I’m afraid your frank comments are not going to please the lying, deceiving turd worlders or the gullible first worlders who have hopelessly been brainwashed to believe that all their worldly travails and worries are supposedly due to the so-called “materialism” of the civilised societies. The ones who believe the answer to their worries lies in the “spiritual nirvana” and “great culture” of a certain filthy turd world dump hole that is so “spiritual” that it has 75.6% of its billion plus populace impoverished and de-humanised, the stinking crap hole that has such a “great culture” of murdering hundreds of thousands of baby girls (born and unborn) every year.

      Yes, indeed the “pathetic problems” of the civilised societies caused by their supposed “materialism” can be kissed away by copying the “great culture” of open public defaecation practised by the “highly spiritual” hordes who inhabit the world’s largest open dump hole – the turdy, barbarocratic, uncouth evil Indian empire 😆


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        Thanks Raj,You make my work easy.I want to convey same thing.
        I have not involved word “cultured” because we don’t have first hand experience may be Axinia is experiencing and trying to convey..
        I want to ask you that then by n large why Indians are like that? If you say,somehow I also agree with your statement. Having history of civilized culture in old ancient Indian empire is not sufficient. ( I know you will not agree for this genral statement also as ” Manu” is big problem to you, even both of us!!) still it is written as history so taken granted for a moment ….. But thinking of “Budhism” . I dont see much change in the life of people who have accepted it . even though it has also great coverage and acceptance in India in the time of Ashoka. I t spread in Japan and other eastern country but not in India afterwords. Why?. Even I am a Lingayat by cast, who had person like Basaveshwara and Akka Mahadevi as reformer, Even I heard Dr. Babasaheb has taken some his principle to write ” Ghatana” . but by n large picture remain same . Mass community doesn’t change.
        I want to say , Just following blindly,and doing rituals one can not become cultured. even change of cast may not help , even inter-culture marriage is not solution even higher education cant bring much change in the except some material improvement. On the other hand The people like Abdul Kalam also seems tobe involved and following a different meditation technique and running a another big movement in India and around. What do you think about them? Why they are not successful to bring desirable change? to become cultured one should require an enlighten soul. Why we are lacking in that?
        “spiritual nirvana” and “great culture” from where and how one can get it?
        For us “Mother” has given solution on it …… One should understand and practice it.

        “es, indeed the “pathetic problems” of the civilised societies caused by their supposed “materialism” can be kissed away by copying the “great culture” of open public defaecation practised by the “highly spiritual” hordes who inhabit the world’s largest open dump hole – the turdy, barbarocratic, uncouth evil Indian empire” Just a question-
        Raj you want make them more natural …!!!????

        • Raj you want make them more natural …!!!????

          😯 😯

          I hope you’re joking, Maheshsaheb 😉 I only wrote that sentence about copying the “great culture” of open public defaecation in a very sarcastic tone 🙂 As you know, for the hopelessly brainwashed Indophiles, the moment they land in India, they believe they somehow feel the “great spiritual culture” of the uncouth Indian empire.

          The experiences of many tourists who come with an open mind without any preconceived ideas about the evil, uncouth Indian empire are in sharp contrast. The moment they land in India and step out of that plane, they get a horrible, putrid, decadent stench up their noses that is so bad that it can cause a nauseating sensation in some of them. A few minutes later, when they are driven out of the airport, they are assaulted by the sight of humungous rotting garbage dumps and worse, hordes of impoverished and de-humanised Indians living in those dumps. Some minutes later, when their bus stops in a by-lane, they get to witness the horror of their lives – shameless men, standing side-by-side and urinating all over boundary walls while impoverished children get into the act of public defaecation right next to their bus. That’s Incredible India(!) for you! Very “incredible” indeed, unlike any other in the world! 😆 What a great “spiritual experience” it must be for those poor, naive souls from the civilised societies who got tricked into paying about two months’ wages to visit a place that’s so “incredible” that it is one giant open shit hole! 😮 Surely, the phrase “turd world shit hole” must have been coined by someone after an eye-opening “spiritual” visit to the uncouth, evil Indian empire.

          What’s incredible is the Hindoid Indiots believe that the evil Indian empire is “the next economic superpower” 😆 Indeed, an “economic superpower” where 75.6% of the populace lives below the (PPP-adjusted) international poverty line of 2dollars/day! What a joke! Who are the Indiots trying to fool? Some gullible, brainwashed Indophiles may be, but not the rest. The others see the uncouth Indian empire for what it is – an evil, regressive, feudal, primitive, violent, hypocritical, criminal empire of a billion slumdogs and a few thousand millionaires with the rest inbetween.

          The evil Indian empire can spend billions on recruiting mercenary savages to oppress its occupied peoples, with 700 000 criminal, bloodthirsty mercenary swine unleashed upon the hapless Kashmiris alone, but cannot spend enough to build toilets for its hundreds of millions of publicly defaecating hordes? The uncouth Indian empire has enough billions to spend on an escalating nuclear and arms race with the Chinese and Pakistani empires, but cannot spend enough to build basic nursing homes for hordes of its illiterate women who give birth at home? The filthy Indian empire has enough to spend on purchasing and refurbishing a rusted and crumbling aircraft carrier of Soviet vintage, but does not have enough to spend on supplying drinking water to hundreds of millions who literally kill each other for a pot of water? The sub-human Indian empire has enough to spend on building large (but substandard and grossly overpriced) stadia for the CWG but does not have enough to spend on building a roof over the heads of the very labourers who built those stadia?

          The people of civilised societies are not stupid, Maheshsaheb. If they were, they would have been as primitive as the Hindoid Indiots themselves. Not many of them can be fooled by the constant lies of the Indiots. They can see the lowly Hindoids for what they are – a sly, deceptive, scheming, cheating, hypocritical, lying, theiving, obnoxious, parasitical, rapidly overbreeding bunch of lowlives. It’s no wonder that Hindoid Indiots get thrashed, abused and ill-treated wherever they descend in their hordes. When the Hindoid immigration scamsters get thrashed and beaten in Australia or the USA, they are merely experiencing what the filthy Indian empire is officially doing in Kashmir and elsewhere, a taste of their own medicine, but in a very small dose. When abuses and derogatory epithets are hurled at the uncouth Hindoids in some civilised societies, they are merely getting back how they abuse and ill-treat their own fellows back home, like calling North-Easterners as “chinkies”. When the Hindoid Indiots are ill-treated, poorly paid and discriminated against in their Middle-Eastern workplaces, they are merely being treated in the same way they treat their own domestic workers back home. All those Hindoid Indiots completely deserve the treatment they get abroad.

          As they say, what goes around, comes around and one has to reap what one has sowed. The hordes and hordes of uncouth, barbaric Hindoid Indiot savages will have no choice but to reap the fruits of what the filthy Indian empire is sowing everyday. The savage pea-brained barbarians and their uncouth, evil, filthy Indian empire will have to get their comeuppance sooner rather than later. And it will be a thoroughly deserved one! One may try to rewrite the laws of physics but one cannot just rewrite the laws of history and natural justice.


    • I read one story last week somewhere.( In sudha Murti’s story book

      Oh, yes, I remember reading that particular incident too, Maheshsaheb. Poor old Narayana Murthy was travelling in a train somewhere in Bulgaria or some place in the totalitarian commie Eastern Bloc. He tried to be friendly with his fellow passengers but unfortunately could not get over the linguistic barrier. Like in all commie countries, a friendly neighbourhood secret service agent travelling in the same compartment reported the matter to his bosses about how a “foreign spy” was plotting something or inciting some trouble among the good Bulgarian commie-loving people.

      Poor Mr. Murthy found himself dragged off the train at the next station by the goons of the commie secret service who threw him into the neighbourhood Gulag detention centre and “interrogated” him on his supposed “anti-commie” activities. Eventually, not getting anything worthwhile out of him, he was dumped back in the railway station after the commie boys discovered that he had an Indian passport, and after they found that the evil, uncouth, turd world Indian empire was on friendly terms with most commie countries, thanks to criminal idiots like Nehru who had a fetish for licking Soviet arses and implementing commie ideas and totalitarianism, despite perpetually extending a begging bowl to the West for food, monetary and technological aid.

      It was only then did it dawn on poor Mr. Murthy that communism is a deadly plague that destroys almost everything it infects. Having experienced first hand the totalitarianism, fear, terror, tyranny and neo-slavery that the commies inflict upon their hapless people, Mr. Murthy understood the simple truth that only freedom, liberties, choice and true free market principles can make life liveable for the hordes of the world. And his moment of realisation was indeed true!

      The filth and stink of commie-inspired, crappy licence raj economic model drove the evil Indian empire to near bankruptcy and collapse, bred total corruption, red tape and barbarocracy on a massive scale, kept hundreds of millions of overbreeding hordes wallowing in perpetual poverty and misery and resulted in the commie-style take over of very efficient institutions and converted them into massively corrupt, incompetent, arrogant, uncouth, inefficient public sector filth such as the world’s longest and filthiest open toilet – the Indian railway network 😡

      In fact, if the uncouth, evil Indian empire is such a filthy dump hole that it is, then a fair share of the blame must go the filth and stink of the licence raj crap, that was totally inspired by and completely modelled upon the deadliest plague known to have ravaged humankind – communism.


      • mahesh chendake Says:

        The whole story is interesting and it is important to understand how such experiences can change life of people who can be call as reformer. In 1988 with Rs.10000/- that too taken from wife and ” Infosis” is started. Now a company of billionaire and giving job to thousands, just in India, and leading to worlds software technology and solutions, I just can’t believe it. so what is not possible in India.? there is not lacking of wired brain, Even think of Aziz Premaji, then where we lacks?

        • What turd world barbarians such as the filthy Hindoid savages lack is really quite simple – ethics, decency, civilised behaviour etc.

          Being pea-brained barbarians, they don’t have it in them to become civilised. What they do have is an inbuilt tendency to lie, cheat, deceive, loot, kill, murder, rape, maim etc. It isn’t quite correct to call lowlife beings as uncouth as the Hindoid creatures as Homo sapiens, because their tiny pea-brains aren’t quite capable of even thinking, let alone behaving, in a civilised manner. Being only one step removed from the behaviour of wild beasts, their feudal mindsets think in a similar manner – you know, the kind of herd mentality, belief in “laws of the jungle” like “might is right”, and voraciously licking the arses of the power hierarchy. They really are filthy bloodthirsty beasts in human form. An appropriate biological classification for the Hindoid savages and other turd world hordes would be Homo savagensis. The behaviour of turd world hordes really is a shame upon the whole of humankind.

          Lest I forget, turd world savages are shameless hypocrites to the core! Take the filthy Hindoid criminals, for instance. The barbarians keep on repeating the same crap about how they were exploited and oppressed by the British empire and how they are supposedly a “non-violent” people. Look at what is happening in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The fithy Indian empire occupied the Kashmiri nation (and many others) in 1947 and brutalised it ever since, using savagery, barbarism, butchery and unleashing hordes of filthy semi-literate mercenary scum (with complete immunity to commit heinous crimes) to keep the Kashmiris oppressed ever since. Yet the spirit of the Kashmiri nation cannot be broken by the sub-human Hindoid filth beings unleashed by the turdy, shit hole called the evil Indian empire.

          The Kashmiri freedom struggle has reached new heights today. Every Kashmiri is resisting the filthy, murderous Hindoid barbarians that have occupied their beautiful nation. The Hindoid sewer people, being the cowardly, bloodthristy savages that they are, respond by doing what they do best – unleash murder, mayhem, violence and bloodshed upon the Kashmiris. Everyday, more than two dozen children and teenagers are being savagely beaten to death, bludgeoned and shot in the head in the streets of Kashmir by the semi-literate mercenary scum beings of the sewery Indian empire.

          Do you hear anything from the Hindoid/Indoid/Indiot hordes that the evil, murderous occupation of Kashmir by the sub-human Indian empire has to end and that Kashmiri children do not deserve to be killed, maimed and gang-raped and buried in mass graves by filthy semi-literate mercenary savages unleashed by the Indian empire? No, you wouldn’t! Do you hear anything from the so-called “educated” Hindoid savages? No, you wouldn’t! On the other hand, they are watching with glee in their filthy hearts as the semi-literate scum unleashed by the Indian empire go about butchering young children in Kashmir. And what of the sewer journalists of the “mainstream media”? Those filth beings, the last time I heard them, were voraciously licking the arses of the established scum, shamelessly gloating about how the Indian empire must “control” the Kashmiri freedom struggle by unleashing even more deadly violence, mayhem and bloodshed. Hindoid creatures cannot be called as human by any stretch of the imagination, they are sub-human, lowlife turd beings. They cannot be reformed, changed or civilised, for such things are only applicable to human beings. Savage, turd world Hindoid Indiots, on the other hand, are the filth beings of the Earth! 😡

          What’s appalling is that there are enough clueless, gullible Indophiles in the civilised world who can be brainwashed to believe the crap that Homo savagensis such as the uncouth, criminal, violent, barbaric Hindoid Indiots are somehow “spiritual” people with a “great culture” while civilised Homo sapiens such as those that live in Austria, who build and live in peaceful, evolved, non-violent, civilised, heavenly societies are somehow “drowning in materialism” and need to copy the behaviour of the bloodthirsty, beastly, uncouth, turd world savages such as the lowly Hindoid savages.

          When perfectly sane, rational, intelligent and wise people from the civilised societies can be hopelessly brainwashed to believe in such crap, I really begin to wonder if the “end times prophecies” mentioned in many cultures is true. I was not a believer in such things, even the supposed Bible Revelations that is believed by many to predict the end times. But these “end times prophecies” usually mention signs that herald the beginning of the end. One of the common signs is that the world would become topsy-turvy and pure evil will be held up as good. Barbaric, uncouth, evil empires inhabited by bloodthirsty hordes of criminal-minded Homo savagensis creatures being held up as the epitome of “spiritual” behaviour by wise and intelligent people, is a sign, among others, of the approaching tumultous times.


  5. Even I am a Lingayat by cast, who had person like Basaveshwara and Akka Mahadevi as reformer

    That’s something new and enlightening for me, Maheshsaheb, thank you. I was silly enough to believe that all Lingayats were Kannadigas and that the reforms of Basavanna were largely limited to the territory of what is now Karnataka. It’s great to know that the revolutionary ideas and reforms of a great soul like Basavanna had an influence on Maharashtrians and what is present day Maharashtra as well 🙂

    Having history of civilized culture in old ancient Indian empire is not sufficient. ( I know you will not agree for this genral statement also as ” Manu” is big problem to you, even both of us!!)

    Of course, I will never agree 🙂 Despite the big lies that were taught to us in history and the constant lies of the media, Indian “culture” was never civilised, is not civilised, and probably will never become civilised.

    And the ancient Indian empire is a big myth as well. The (filthy, evil, uncouth, barbaric, bloodthirsty) Indian empire came into existence only in 1947. The idea of India itself is an invention of the British. Despite the big lies being spewed out about “British divide and rule policy”, in truth the British actually followed a “unite and rule policy” because as outsiders, they could not tell the difference between all the different groups of primitive barbaric heathens and warring little kingdoms that were practising “cultures” as filthy and regressive as each other. As they discovered, all the regressive hordes had some kind of primitive, bloodthirsty, uncouth “culture” with the most despicable social practices and regressive feudal, mediaeval barbarity as a common strain, so they lumped them all together and created the British Indian empire. It was actually one big “unite and rule policy” they followed, no matter how much they are villified with lies in filthy Indian history textbooks for following a “divide and rule policy”. The Partition happened because the Hindoid hordes and the Islamic Paki hordes of the uncouth Indian sub-continent, being bloodthirsty savages, could never have lived in peace with each other.

    In sharp contrast to the “unite and rule” policy followed by the British empire, it is the sub-human evil Indian empire that follows a “divide and rule” policy in Indian-occupied Kashmir. Being sly, sleazy, savage, bloodthirsty barbarians, they realised that Indian-occupied Kashmir could easily be divided on the basis of religion into Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. The Hindoid Jammu region and the sparsely populated, passive Buddhist Ladakh region are not a thorn in the flesh of the evil, uncouth, filthy Indian empire as the oppressed, brutalised, butchered and colonised, yet peaceful and freedom-loving people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, which is largely Muslim and Sufi in faith.

    In any case, there were plenty of empires before, but none, absolutely none of them could be classified as an “Indian” empire, since the idea of India itself was an invention of the British empire.

    Oh yes, Manu! 👿 That stinking loafer 😡 being a problem is an understatement. Just take a look at this:

    One should not sit in a lonely place with one’s mother, sister or daughter, for the senses are powerful, and master even a learned man.” (Manu II. 215)

    In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent. (Manu IV. 148)

    Though destitute or virtuous, or seeking pleasure elsewhere, or devoid of good qualities, yet a husband must be constantly worshipped as a god by a faithful wife. (Manu V. 154)

    At her pleasure let her (i.e. widow) enunciate her body, by living voluntarily on pure flowers, roots and fruits, but let her not when her lord is deceased, even pronounce the name of another man. (Manu V. 157)

    But a widow, who from a wish to bear children, slights her deceased husband by marrying again, brings disgrace on herself here below, and shall be excluded from the seat of her lord (in heaven). (Manu V. 161)

    None of the acts of women can be taken as good and reasonable. (Manu X.4)

    Day and night women must be kept in dependence by males (of their families). (Manu XI2)

    Killing of a woman, a shudra or an atheist is not sinful. (Manu IX. 17)

    Women are the embodiment of the worst desires, hatred, deceit, jealousy and bad character. Women should never be given freedom. (Manu V. 47, 147)

    What kind of sewery scum being was Manu? Was he even born of the womb of a woman? Or was he the product of his father having a one-night stand with a filthy swine? Going by what he wrote, the latter seems to be more probable.

    Let’s see the result of such a loafer’s sadistic, perverted, filthy, sub-human, evil soul and his “law book” in a place where the sewer rat’s statue has been erected outside a court in the evil Indian empire of the 21st century:


    It’s such a filthy, perverted, stinking “culture” 😡 that the hopelessly brainwashed Indophiles want to emulate in the highly civilised societies of the world (for its supposed “spirituality” 😆 So when did barbaric Homo savagensis selling their own daughters in open markets become “spiritual”?) All in order to solve their worldly, trivial problems arising from the so-called “materialism” 🙄 What is the world coming to 😕 A sign of the end times maybe, of pure evil being held up as good (For men shall call the evil as good and the good as evil)???


  6. Solveig Says:

    Какие коты!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. But thinking of “Budhism”

    Buddhism has turned out to be a gross failure, Maheshsaheb. To put it simply, things like Buddhism need certain conditions to take root. Tell me, what would happen if you spread Buddhism among a bunch of murderous cannibals and supposedly turn them into Buddhists 😕 They may give up butchering and eating their fellow humans for a few years, and contemplate of bubble dwelling and Buddhist ideas for a while. But soon they will find that the bubble dwelling of Buddhism is meaningless, and will return to their bloodthirsty ways in a very short span of time. Or they will claim to be Buddhists because they chant some slogans outwardly and will still practise cannibalism.

    The bubble dwelling of Buddhism is too weak, ineffective and pretty meaningless as a transformative force or a civilising force. It is highly, highly improbable that you can civilise a bunch of beastly, bloodthirsty barbarians by spreading Buddhism among them. That is exactly what happened in the uncouth Indian sub-continent ages ago. Buddhism was spread outwardly and in a rapidfire manner for a while. But soon, the very nature of the sub-humanism and beastliness of the uncouth Hindoid hordes of the Indian sub-continent took over again. Buddhism was deliberately destroyed by the sub-human tendencies that reside within the turdy hordes of the eternal sewer of the world. You cannot spread something like Buddhism among a bunch of Homo savagensis and expect it to thrive in letter and spirit. It was the same with the so many other reform movements in the uncouth Indian sub-continent. Things like Jainism did not become as popular as Buddhism during its heights though they co-existed and overlapped to a large extent. Sikhism was anyway geographically limited. But the problem with all of them and other reform movements was that they assumed that Homo savagensis could be transformed by trying to reform them. That’s where they failed. Reform, civilisation, decency and self-improvement are meant for Homo sapiens who exhibit the qualities of humans, and can never be implemented on a humungous bunch of bloodthirsty Homo savagensis.

    By contrast, the people of East Asia were more amenable to the ideals of Buddhism. In any case, the East Asians are not quite purely Buddhist as we imagine them to be. Theirs is a kind of very syncretic tradition, a combination of Buddhist superstructure on a foundation of pre-Buddhist indigenous ideals. For instance, the Chinese believe as much in Confucian and Taoist spiritual ideals, if not more, than they do in Buddhist ideals. The Koreans seem to be very similar, Buddhism forms a neat compatible superstructure on their previous indigenous and Chinese influenced spiritual ideals and beliefs, forming a seamless syncretic structure. The Japanese are the same, their culture actually seems more Shinto in beliefs, practices and spirituality at the core and Buddhist ideals incorporated into the existing base.

    In any case, the Koreans and Japanese are very, very good at taking the best out of outside things and incorporating them into their own core stuff. That’s why humane and progressive Christian ideals and beliefs also got incorporated into their existing syncretic spiritual ideas and customs, especially in Korea. That’s the reason why the Japanese and South Koreans have adopted science and technology that is largely Western in origin, made it a part of their own societies, excelled at it and even managed to beat the West at the technological game in several areas. The same is true of Taiwan to a large extent as well. North Korea too could have been at the same level, but they have unfortunately been infected by the deadly commie totalitarian plague that completely destroys everything it infects.

    If you take a look at the average IQs of countries, the East Asians (all average above 100) are at the very top. It doesn’t surprise me in the least. As the saying goes, the wise learn from observing others’ mistakes, the average learn from making their own mistakes, and the fools never learn until it is too late. The very fact that East Asian peoples like the Japanese and the Koreans are able to constantly adopt the best of outside ideas and incorporate them into their own lives (and excel at it) is testimony to the exceptional IQs of the peoples of the Far East. Kudos to those East Asians! :applause: In the future, when the civilised societies of the West are brought down forcibly by rapid turd worldisation, it will be the East Asians who will act as the torch bearers of human civilisation. Since they are highly intelligent people, I only wish they continue to learn from the follies of the West and don’t allow their civilised societies to be turd worldised. On a planet which will soon entirely begin to gradually resemble the filthy parts of the uncouth turd world, humankind needs isolated and well preserved pockets of sanity, civilisation and humanity for its own future. It looks like parts of the civilised Far East will serve as those pockets.


  8. Continuing on the topic of Buddhism, it was bound to fail again when Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and his followers converted en masse to Buddhism. Despite being such a wise and scholarly man and learned in history and well-versed in law and other things, Dr. Ambedkar grossly underestimated the savagery and barbarism of the Hindoid hordes, the sheer uncouthness of their stinking “culture” and the pure evil and vile filth of the sewery caste system. Sadly, Dr. Ambedkar also overestimated the transformatory power of Buddhism in meeting these challenges, despite knowing so much more about it than anyone else.

    In hindsight, where Dr. Ambedkar went wrong and his movement failed was because of the fact that Buddhism originates in the uncouth Indian sub-continent. Despite it being a bold and courageous reformatory movement to purge the Hindoid “culture” of its barbarism, beastliness, bloodthirstiness, uncouthness and filth, it has a fatal flaw of having something in common with Hindoid filth, namely its bubble-dwelling aspects. For that reason, his movement would have failed even if he had converted to Jainism, Sikhism, any other reformatory movement or even invented a movement of his own making. Come to think of it, history shows that all these indigenous reformatory movements failed greatly when it came to purging the filth, primitivity, barbarism, regressiveness and uncouthness from Hindoid “culture” and there was no reason why a new Buddhist revival attempted by anyone would succeed when the original version itself failed badly. The reason is simple: reform, self-correction, decency and evolving tendencies, improvement from within etc. are all meant for the Homo sapiens. They do not apply to Homo savagensis and their stinking “cultures”. As an incorrigible, hopelessly uncouth sub-species of hominoids, such things are simply incomaptible with Homo savagensis as it has been shown time and again.

    Then what would have succeeded? There is only one thing that has been shown to come very close to success in history. And you guessed it correct – it IS Christianity! What else can it be? If Dr. Ambedkar had led a mass conversion movement to Christianity, inviting not just those who believed in his ideals, but every decent person of the uncouth and evil Indian empire who was fed up with the filth and barbarism of Hindoid “culture” and the sewery caste system, it would have most probably succeeded, and the filthy turd world shit hole called the uncouth, evil Indian empire might have been a decent place, even if not completely civilised, it would have been much better than the crap hole it is now.

    There are four main reasons for the probable success of Christianity in civilising the savage, barbaric hordes of the uncouth Indian empire and purging their turdy “culture” of its filth and regressiveness.

    ONE – Christianity does NOT originate in the filthy Indian sub-continent. This reason alone gives it a much, much, much greater chance at success. For that matter, even Islam which does not originate in the sub-continent, would have had a better chance than Buddhism. But then again, Islam does not have the other advantages of Christianity and it has proved very ineffective in reforming the uncouth feudal regressiveness of Pakistani society.

    TWO – Christianity was never meant to be a bubble-dwelling philosophy. All bubble-dwelling philosophies are bound to fail miserably when it comes to reforming the uncouth hordes. Take Sufism – why did it fail so miserably in the uncouth Indian sub-continent despite adapting and becoming a syncretic tradition? Simple. You cannot change, reform or civilise the savage, uncouth hordes by promoting bubble-dwelling ideas. Buddhism has a fair part of bubble-dwelling and it proved to be another reason in its failure.

    Bubble-dwelling is a form of escape from reality. It’s a means of avoiding a problem by blinding oneself to it (like an ostrich immersing its own head in the mud) instead of tackling it head on and solving it. How can you solve a problem when you don’t even want to acknowledge that it exists and try to desperately avoid the reality and deny the truth? Sooner rather than later, the bubble will burst cruelly and the deluded imagination will come crashing to the ground faster than one can say the word ‘bubble’.

    Thankfully, Christ (a supremely intelligent and evolved human being and a blessed one at that) never meant Christianity to be a bubble-dwelling mission. His was a REAL WORLD mission of reformation and civilising the heathen hordes, purging them of their animalistic uncouthness and inbuilt regressiveness.

    Christ did NOT instruct his followers to built isolated monastries and happily practise bubble-dwelling in it for the ages to come. Rather, he instructed them to cross the seven seas, go to the four corners of the world, spread out in every direction and spread the message that humans must behave in a civilised, progressive, humane manner and not like uncouth, regressive, savage, bloodthirsty barbaro-hominoid creatures that they were till the blessed son of Mary walked upon the blue planet.

    THREE – Christianity was primarily meant to be a civilising influence, the first one ever tried out on a global scale. For that reason, the honour of being the first Earthling to think on a GLOBAL scale must go to Jesus Christ. Though it sprouted from a Abrahamic base (and meant as a reform to the ultra-orthodox ideas practised by the Abrahamic believers of that time), it was NOT meant to stop with the people of that area. It was meant for ALL humanoid Earthlings, be they Jews/Judaeans, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, pagans, barbarians, savages, cannibals and every other group of hominoid hordes. Since it was meant to be a common humane, civilised way of behaviour even for the worst bloodthirsty savages in any corner of the world, it would have had a great chance at civilising the savage hordes of the uncouth Indian sub-continent.

    FOUR – Christ wanted continuous, progressive, unstoppable, real world action to civilise the hordes, not imaginary, stagnant, bubble-world escapism. Why do you think that every civilised, modern, humane, progressive, useful, successful idea and concept in the world originated in the Christianised West and can be traced straight back to the message of Christ? It was because Christ meant it to be that way. Christianity was meant to be a form of progressive humanism, where Christians were meant to take it as a divine duty to care for the suffering, minister to the ill, help the helpless and so on with their own hands wherever possible to the fullest extent instead of retreating into a nice, cozy, comfortable, warm, self-delusional bubble. Christ warned Christians that how much ever they prayed and performed rituals, it would NOT count and that they would be judged only on the basis of their actions towards others and their attitude to the less-fortunate and suffering and how they treated their neighbours and strangers.

    Even in the uncouth, evil Indian empire where only 2.5% of the population is Christian, who do you think has done THE MOST for education, health, healing and humanism since several hundred years ago, and remains so till this very day? It HAS to be the Christians, of course! Even in this day, where you have worthless proliferating schools run by management graduate idiots that charge ridiculously high fees in the promise of a supposed quality “education”, why do knowledgeable parents (most of them non-Christian) feel that their children will get the best education and grow to be good, decent humans only in Christian-mission-associated schools that charge quite moderate fees for the exceptional quality education they impart? It’s because of the terrific, selfless, unending service rendered by Christianity, Christians and the spirit of Christ towards the fields of education, health, humanism and progressiveness in uncouth India for the last several centuries and continuing to this very day. It was how Christ meant it to be and that’s how it was and is, (and hopefully will be in greater magnitude in future), in many places around the world.

    Given all these factors, one could conclude that Dr. Ambedkar would have unleashed a revolutionary social change in uncouth, barbaric, evil Indian empire had he chose to lead a mass, all-encompassing conversion to Christianity and Christian ideals and spirit. It’s completely TRUE when people describe all decent, humane, civilised ideas such as compassion, empathy, aid, relief, humanitarianism as being CHRISTIAN ideals, for such things started appearing in the world only due to the message of Christ. His message and spirit has also been the single force that has achieved maximum success in civilising the most people in history to the greatest extent possible.

    Sadly and unfortunately, Dr. Ambedkar chose a mass conversion to bubble-dwelling Buddhism and predictable failed, when Christianity would have had the best chance of reforming, transforming and civilising the hordes and hordes of uncouth Hindoid beings of the evil Indian empire and its filthy “culture” and sewery caste system.


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, are you actually Christian? seeing you defencing Christianity so much…

      • Am I actually Christian 😕 I actually don’t know, Axinia 😐 I guess it depends on the way you look at it 🙂

        If you meant things like whether my parents are Christian, whether I was raised as a Christian, whether I was ever baptised, whether I attend a Church regularly, whether I read the Bible thoroughly and completely believe everything contained in it, then the answer is no, unfortunately not 😦

        If you meant things like whether I believe in the theory of an all powerful “God” creating two people suddenly out of thin air, whether I believe in virginal conception and anything else that goes against what science can establish, then the answer is no 😐

        On the other hand, if you meant things like whether I believe in Christ, whether I’m willing to say “CHRIST, I Am Nothing wIThout You”, whether I believe Christ was the greatest soul to have ever walked upon the planet, whether I believe that Mary, mother of Jesus, was a blessed saintly lady worthy of eternal reverence for having borne and given birth to someone as great as Christ and also held him after he was crucified, whether I believe in what Christ did and said, whether I believe Christ laid down his life for all of humankind, whether I believe the spirit of Christ’s message was the greatest thing humanity ever experienced, whether I believe Jesus’ life and message was the greatest positive influence ever bestowed upon humankind, whether I’m willing to “eat his flesh and drink his blood”, whether I’m willing to die uttering his blessed name on my lips, then the answer to all that is a resounding YES! 🙂

        If you meant whether I’m willing to accept Christ as my Saviour, then the answer is YES, of course! 🙂 I know very well that he himself said that he would not save me even if I keep chanting his name repeatedly, but don’t prove worthy of being saved due to my own worldly actions. I understand that accepting Jesus as my Saviour is actually realising that he would save me IF, and only if my own conscious worldly actions and deeds (towards neighbours and strangers, known and unknown, ESPECIALLY the suffering, the weak, the voiceless, the helpless and the less-fortunate) prove worthy enough in his eyes according to what he said, “Do unto others what you expect them to do unto you”.

        Would non-Christians consider me a Christian? I guess they would think I’m just crazy or probably suspect me of being a crypto-Christian 😆 Would Christians consider me a fellow Christian? I guess no decent, self-respecting Christian would ever want to touch an undesirable like me with a bargepole 😐

        Then what can I do? Is it a case of being so near, yet so far? Am I caught in an eternal limbo? 😦 Waaaaaaaaa! Boo hoo! 😥

        Then what about Christ Himself? I know I stand a chance with Him accepting to save me if I’m sincere and prove myself worthy (as described previously) of being fortunate enough to be saved by Him. That’s why I will always believe in Jesus Christ 😐


    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Raj, I agree most of the point you have written except one. many time I wrote also change of cast is not answer for that. e.g. Hindu Mang will become christian Mang and will continue the same. Nither they are accepted by christian nor Hindus.No roti /Beti relationship is establishing even after 3-4 generation. It occurs only with them selves only limited with converted group . Same thing with Navbudhas!!!! It doesn’t cause their cultural upbringing or change in inner thinking or behaviour.where as most of the christian turns away from Jesus and his teachings or misunderstood him and find themselves best in just converting people by any means. surprisingly people are gathering own cast only, ever last before.any how they want to increase their population size and pressurize other to behave in same manner. That is not true upbringing.it will take to end only.
      you can think on ” New Morality” what I posted in your mail. I find it very interesting so I have posted. here some stanza for consideration…
      “Let me explain the modernity within which New Morality has been
      considered. If fact, modernity is a culture specific phase of history but still we perceive it as a universal commodity. It is not exportable commodity; each nation has its unique culture and civilization, which may be called its soul. In India it came to be recognized as synonymous to Westernization, hence it is not only great insult to India but also betrays gross ignorance of sociological science. Modernity cannot and should not be transplanted. Modernity must be shaped according to past traditions and present circumstances. We should create our own modernity that suits our ancient heritage and of Indian growth.”
      “In order to describe the approach of desivad to literary criticism it may
      be useful to begin with the New Morality in which the discontinuous historical tradition – Buddha, Charvak, Mahaveer, Basaveshwar, Akkamahadevi, Chakradhara, Dnyandev, Namdev, Tukaram Bahinabai, Phule, Shahu, Ambedkar, Gandhi, Ram Manohar Lohia etc. – should be valued not only for the merit of ideas and insights it can offer but for its place in the process of acquiring Indian sensibility.”
      “the term New Morality is new, but the concept has its affinities with the idealogy expounded by two Mahatmas :Phule and Gandhi, both posed the danger to the greater Anglo-Sanskritic tradition by introducing a different system of moral concern which emphasizes truth and threatened to alter the basic characteristics of Indian society by making its cultural periphery its centre. Sane Guruji threatened to alter the basic characteristics of Indian Literature but the so called intellectuals took no notice of him, condemned him and dubbed his works of art. Notwithstanding, Combining Jotirao Phule’s Universal Religion of Truth and Gandhian Truth, Nemade, successfully, established the term Desivad in Indian literature – within which New morality as a modern literary value has been discussed in Marathi literary scene during the past twenty five years.”

  9. mahesh chendake Says:

    Mhatma Jotirao Phule who established ” Satyashodhak Samaj” , strictly condemned Brahmanism and recommended ” Bahujan Smajwad” for which he has to suffer lot.

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