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The lace of life November 10, 2011

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It is incredible how the life knitts its laces… every timea notice a wonderful curl of a life-lace, I must think of it.

I meet people for some reason, shortly, we come across each other and after  some months, years or decades the same people can become very important in my life, or very close . When I meet them first I cannot even imagine that…and then The LIFE takes the threads and its hands and knits, and knits and knits…

There is a saying in German that you meet a person twice. How true it is! And truly interesting how differently the same person may open up or close in the “second coming”.

 I wonder if you also experience that phenomenon and how often. I think In my case it happens quite often.




3 Responses to “The lace of life”

  1. Axinia,
    That’s a nice thought. The ability to understand the complexity of the interlinked “knitting” pattern in life, through observation, is the most beautiful aspect of being human. As you suggested, the “second coming” can be the most tangible regard to how the relationship with that person heads. But, in my perspective, there are tertiary and quatenary “comings”..step by step process at the depth of which, in a single point of time, it strikes us like a deja vu as to how far we have come in a particular realtionship..( all the memories of how it started to how it proceeded)..and that point is truly amazing..

  2. Hansa Says:

    Hello Axinia, I look to your blog for inspirations to write for my own blog…you have a great inspiring blog..keep it up. Please have a look at my blog whenever time permits…JSM…

  3. Erwin Says:

    So true Axinia. I love the magic of meeting new people. It’s so wonderful and spontaneous. To be within the magical flow of life..

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