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4 years 1000petals blog anniversary! February 20, 2011

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Today is 1000petals 4th anniversary… a good reason to look back and to thank its every single reader!

I started this blog 4 years back with an intention to share my experiences and show the beauty of the world’s Spirit. Four years is not a big deal in a human life, but in a blogging life it’s quite a lot. Many people who were active at that time, including my 2 “blogging gurus” are not blogging any more… People come and go, as usual in life.

Let me tell you why I am still here and what my blogging treasures are.

What keeps me blogging?

 – Still so much to observe and to share, I have 680 posts so far and still over 200 hundred to go until 1000 (petals) 🙂

– Feeling responsible towards my dear readers, whose numbers are constantly growing and whose  interest and comments enrich my life and make me happy day by day.

Some numbers

Readership: 1000petals blog is being read by 30-40 thousand people monthly which is not much compared to top blogs but still quite a good number.

Comments: The number of comments: 10,650. Here I would like to note that most comments are of excellent quality, not just “nice post”. The readers engage into profound discussions delivering interesting facts and opinions which gives a high added value to the blog.

Who is my reader?

Although I always declare my spiritual practice of Sahaja meditaion on the blog, I am proud to note that this blog is being read and appreciated by people of all religions, various spiritual practices, atheists, and even people who are not at all interested in spiritual matters. Everyone feels welcome and that was an important point for me since the very beginning. I am happy to see that everybody can find something of interest.

I see my readers as friends and try to treat them accordingly. The best thing happens when there is a chance to meet in real life. Then the friendship start flourish even more!

Another thing I need to mention is the phenomenon if silent readers – as one can see, the people who comment on the posts are mostly the same, but there is a huge number of the so-called “silent readers” who never comment but always read. Imagine my joy when sometimes they do manifest themselves, for example looking for me to become Facebook friends.


The slogan of 1000petals blog is “The only truth I know is my own experience” and as it is, this blog itself has become  for me a tremendous experience of learning, friendship, compassion, love and joy.

Thank you, dear all!

LOVE and loads of it,

your axinia


29 Responses to “4 years 1000petals blog anniversary!”

  1. armaity Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    May many many more blogs continue to pour out of your pen , helping you share your inner experiences , experienced through your spirit with those who have already experienced them and love you giving words to them and also those who have yet to experience them.
    May the 1000petals bloom in all their glory and their sweet fragrance permeate all over !
    With nirmal love, armaity.

  2. One of the lesser said things that is very good about your blog is the quality of images and the time you take to make them look absolutely wonderful, including this one. All the best for completing that 1000 posts soon…

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      thank you DI, in fact this I learned from my first blogging guru – may be you remember him? Suresh http://sureshg.wordpress.com/ I loved the combination of stunning photographs and short provocative quality tests.

      As far as I understand this is what is really appealig to people – something for both the left and right brainspheres 🙂

  3. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    We share and support your vision and mission.

    Stay happy ! 😉

  4. […] and leave comments. If you have so far please check her out  here. According to her most recent post her blog is read by 30,000 to 40,000 people per monthand she has about 10,000+  comments. Very […]

  5. seeker2008 Says:

    I always look forward to reading your posts. I hope you continue to post even after the 1000th post.

  6. kanagu Says:

    happy blog anniversary Axinia 🙂 one word I can relate to your blog is peace… your words bring peace which means a lot to me 🙂

    Congrats!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. swaps Says:

    Happy anniversary!!
    This is a special blog for me, for here i find a kindred soul, a unique person in whose thoughts and beliefs I find resonance of my own!

    Thanks Axinia …and keep it up 🙂

  8. Mahesh chendake Says:

    Con grates Axinia.
    I came on your blog accidentally two years back.actually not to search blog but you as i was interested in some article of Bramhapuri written by you, as suggested by Kenjale Kaka. The image he has given about you both( Vova and You( as very old couple)) was very different but I found out you and permanently stayed on your blog as i fall in love of your blogs and variety of topics and beautiful photographs . really it has very high value of course your blog has given me many new friends whom i like even though our opinions were different. your blog has given me new vision,better attitude and trans cultural identity which i was in search of. so keep on writing May Mother bless you and Ma Saraswati’s blessings showers on us through your pen. I dont know how to give gift or award here to you and your blog but if possible i will give you golden PEN to write continuously….
    somebody can teach me that technique.
    you know I have many times listen scolding from principal and colleagues as I used to keep busy on your blog in central library of our university, running away from my office. Then afterwords I have taken broadband last year. now also my student colleagues shout at me for keeping busy on blog instead of MSc preparation….( it is envy of my family members also as I give next preference to them now that much I am habitual of your blog. sooo… leave my part on my side and you keep on writing and inspiring the people like me who admires you and yours post more and from by heart with innocence of Lord Ganesha .

  9. Dmitri Says:

    happy anniversary axinia!!!! thenks for mantioning silent readers….i am a silent reader…and i read your blog for two years now…haven’t missed a post….it’s a bueatiful, positive, inspiring, heart worming and insightful blog i love reading it…
    best wishes

  10. Triveni Says:

    Congratulations Axinia.. 🙂 It is a pleasure to have met you. Let me add here that most of the points that you have shared as to why u still blog also implies to a lot of readers as to why we still read your blog too.. the way your life gets enriched with this blog so does ours and sometimes very profoundly too.. 🙂
    Wish you many more years of celebrations and joy and ( i will be a little selfish here) wish us also many more years of experience and joy from this blog.. 🙂

  11. axinia Says:

    My dearest armaity, Nishant AGRAWAL, Destination Infinity, kanagu, swaps, mahesh, Dmitri and Triveni, many many heartfelt thanks for your warm words of appreciaiton and support.

    I love the way everyone of you has highlighted one special quality why you read this blog. This is very prescious to me!

  12. mirelhr Says:

    congrats & many anniversaries more to come! applause for your ‘courage’

    The root of the word courage is cor—the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word literally had a very different definition than it does today. It originally meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Over time, this definition has actually changed, and today, it’s synonymous with being heroic or performing brave deeds.

    speaking honestly and openly about who you and about your experiences (good and bad/east & west:)))putting your vulnerability on the line, is definitely the ultimate act of courage.
    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field for kindred souls. nice having met you here!

    • axinia Says:

      dear mirelhr, my friend, I never saw it as an act of courage, really – that’s an interesting point. May be…I just know that such sharings inspires and that’s what matters to me.

  13. Congratulations, Axinia! It’s really a great age for a blog! Keep on writing and share your beautiful observations with us!

  14. Even if I have my doubts that quantity matters when it comes to quality and I wonder sometimes who reads us too, I thank you to provide us with new subjects of reflection and great pictures. Often a thought I read or share with some here, I might even consider as faraway friends, crosses my mind again over the day, in the wish for greater clarity.This is a good exercise, and an attempt to change things to the better on earth together.

  15. Sinuhé Alvarez Says:

    I was fortunate to find this blog a couple of years ago and I can only say that is definitely the most beautiful and interesting blog I’ve seen. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to read and share ideas with you all during this time and I want to continue doing so for much longer.
    Congratulations to Axinia and the community that nurtures this beautiful space.
    I love and admire you all
    Thanks a lot.
    Let’s go for another four or even more years!!!

  16. Congratulations and thank you, Axinia! I like the fact that you keep posting at regular intervals and your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Is it only four years? I had the impression that you’ve been blogging for a lot longer than that, may be on blogs other than this one. Keep up the good work for many more years and posts to come!


  17. Axel Schwehr Says:

    Congratulations Axinia!

    I love to read your blogs and sometimes give comments now for about 2 years.

    We all share the same visions of unity and happiness in the renewal of our world and society – that was always there – the universe.

    Regards and love

    Axel from Vienna

  18. draupadi16 Says:

    Liebe Axinia! Viel Freude beim BLOGGEN für die nächsten Jahre wünsche ich Dir! Es ist immer schön für mich, die tollen Fotos und Texte zu genießen. Alles Liebe für meine BLOG-MAMA von Draupadi.

  19. Solveig Says:

    My dearest, most beloved friend!
    I was a witness of the birth of this wonderful blog and its (mostly) silent reader through all these years…
    I can just say that this is what the world needs – more beauty and more love in their most magnificent way of manifestation.
    Love you,

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