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Plastic Planet -“after seeing this film you will never drink from a plastic bottle”. September 26, 2009

I usually visit cinema once in several months, and only for some really good films. My recent discovery is a brand new film “Plastic Planet”, the poster to which claims: “after seeing this film you will never drink from a plastic bottle”.

Generally we all know plastic is bad. But HOW bad? WHAT is actually so bad about it? The film comes up as an eye-opener.

 An invistigavie documentary in Michael Moore style by an Austrian film director Werner Boote presents an up-close and personal view of the controversial and fascinating material that has found its way into every facet of our daily lives: plastic. He takes us on a journey around the globe, following plastic through its 100 years of “glorious triumph” and showing us what an unexpected impact plastic has on our world.

My main take-aways from this film:

-the horryfying hormone-disrputing impact of plastic

-the all-perwading nature of plastic, how much it is actually present in our lives

-the need to a shift  in collective awareness regarding the plastic consume

-plastic as the synonyme for materialism, as its physical manifestation (this is my very personal perception).

Here is the trailer (in German): it is horryfing to see that amount of plasic an average western house has!

see more film shortcuts here. I have seen the film in German, but apperently it is also avaliable in Einglish.

And here are some interesting facts:

One of the most common chemicals in all kinds of plastic we use daily is Bisphenol-A, a hormone-disrupting chemical that is considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. Scientists studying the impact of man-made chemicals on human health claim human males will be infertile by the middle of the next century if present industrial trends are maintained. Two recent studies have found that sperm count in men has declined precipitously over the past 20 years. [5]  A report in the
British Medical Journal in August 1994 comparing men of similar ages,
sperm count in 3729 Scottish men had declined 41% among those born in
1969 compared to those born in 1941. The New England Journal of Medicine
reported in February 1995 that sperm count has declined 33% during the
past 20 years among a study-population of 1,351 healthy, fertile men in
Paris, France.

I wonder if the amount of plastic in the human blood has also an impact on the increase of homosexuality?

There are currently over 80,000 chemicals on the market in the U.S., the vast majority of which lack even basic information on health effects and toxicity. We do know that at least 1,400 chemicals have known or probable links to cancer, birth defects, reproductive impacts, and other health problems such as learning disabilities…

IS THERE ANY WAY OUT? The film shows some alternatives, but I assume there are many more alternative discoveries that have been made but bought my mighty industries and hidden/destroyed. Sooner or later we will have to find another solution and I am sure it will be found and implemented. In the meanwhile we can try our best at least on the personal level and minimize the usage of plastic in our daily lives.


LOVE; axinia




20 Responses to “Plastic Planet -“after seeing this film you will never drink from a plastic bottle”.”

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  2. This sounds like a lovely film, Axinia. 🙂 I wish could understand Deutsch 😐

    Recently, there was a huge exhibition by plastic manufacturers in my city. In one of the halls, there were several machines displayed that were producing finished plastic products from raw materials. As soon as I entered that hall, I got a nauseating feeling because of the smell and the fact that the air-conditioning system was circulating it back into the hall. The nauseous sensation only increased with every passing second. 😡 Needless to say, I had a quick look at the stalls and headed for the exit as soon as possible. Breathing the fresh air outside was a heavenly feeling after being in that atmosphere filled with possible dioxins. 😐

    Yes, plastics are not good generally, but they have their benefits too. For one, some things work well only if they are made of plastics. Two, if plastics were to be banned without alternatives on a large scale, the remaining forests of the planet would be wiped out. Three, without plastics, the need for metals would skyrocket so much that much more of the Earth would be dug up to mine mineral ores. Ironic as it may sound, plastics are also saving the very environment they are destroying 😐

    Scientists studying the impact of man-made chemicals on human health claim human males will be infertile by the middle of the next century if present industrial trends are maintained.

    I don’t know how the backward, regressive hordes that (over)populate some of the semi-civilised societies would react to that. Their main purpose of existence on this planet is to breed like rats. Even if the males become infertile in such a semi-civilised society, those regressives would simply start killing the females 😯 (just as they do with female foetuses and brides that don’t bring enough dowry). That’s because such primitive societies view women as “male child-bearing machines” that bring dowry when they get married. For such hordes, if the woman does not bring enough dowry or bear children (preferably male), then she loses the right to live, even if it’s the male who is infertile.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Raj, the film is really good and it is also avaliable in English. I am very surprised you do not see the real treat of the whole thing, I have expected your full support in that…Interestingly, the film shows plastic consume even in an Indian slam – the plastic use is already huge:

      • I’ll watch the English version of the film then, Axinia. 🙂

        I’m saddened that I’m always misunderstood. 😦

        Yes, I do see the threat of plastics on the environment and wish that plastic consumption is reduced as much as possible, but it’s simply not possible to get rid of all plastics. 😐

        Plastics actually saved my life not once, but twice! And I’m NOT an ungrateful person. 😐 I mean the plastics that are used in the manufacture of crash helmets managed to save me from two bad motorcycle crashes. Had it not been for the wonderful property of plastics to save the rider by absorbing the impact and destroying themselves in the process, I would not be here to write about how plastics are beneficial, though they damage the environment when overused recklessly.
        From the wikipedia:

        The conventional motorcycle helmet has two principal protective components: a thin, hard, outer shell typically made from polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass, or Kevlar and a soft, thick, inner liner usually made of expanded polystyrene or polypropylene foam. The purpose of the hard outer shell is:

        1) to prevent penetration of the helmet by a pointed object that might otherwise puncture the skull, and

        2) to provide structure to the inner liner so it does not disintegrate upon abrasive contact with pavement. This is important because the foams used have very little resistance to penetration and abrasion.

        The purpose of the foam liner is to crush during an impact, thereby increasing the distance and period of time over which the head stops and reducing its deceleration.
        This is proof of my first point about the benefits of plastics. Some things work well or rather, they only work when made of plastics.


        • sakhi Says:

          I agree with you Raj… plastics use has to be in moderation and should be used where it is an absolute necessity for e.g. in medical field its life saving when intravenous lines are used, isn’t it!

          Can’t just stop using it. I really don’t think it is complete materialism… nope ( this is my perception!)

          • Yes, Sakhi, some plastics are absolutely necessary and simply cannot be done away with! Here are some of them:

            1) Life and limb saving safety equipment – almost all kinds of helmets, safety goggles, parachutes, lifebuoys, lifejackets etc. and many protective clothing items like body armour, safety suits, gloves, footwear etc.

            2) Plastics used in medicine – intravenous lines, catheters, surgical tubes, artificial limbs, artificial hip, knee and joint replacements, artificial teeth (just imagine how bad the old golden teeth looked :mrgreen: ), disposable plastic syringes (if they were to be banned, diseases would spread like wildfire 😯 ) etc.

            3) Optical plastics – spectacle lenses, contact lenses, intra-ocular lenses (that are used to replace cataract affected eye lenses) have transformed life for hundreds of millions of people by correcting vision-related issues.

            4) Automobile safety equipment that save lives like seatbelts and airbags, laminated glass, impact absorbing plastics in bumpers, dashboards etc.

            5) Protective plastic sporting equipment like helmets, visors, goggles, mouth guards, knee guards, “abdomen” guards (used in cricket… hehehe 😉 ) etc. have improved the safety level of sports dramatically.

            Just imagine how primitive civilisation would be and how dangerous ordinary tasks could prove if plastics weren’t invented. 😯

            The problem, as always, is NOT with science and technology, but with the greedy, savage and cancerous nature 👿 that is an integral part of the human species 😐

            • axinia Says:

              yes, that is all correct, Raj! However – the man in the film asks -are we ready to pay for this safety with the globaly increasing hormone changes, cancer, stupidity and obesity?

              • There is no doubt that the reckless overuse of plastics has to be drastically reduced, its improper disposal stopped and new forms of non-toxic, bio-degradable plastic invented, Axinia. 🙂

                However, is that reason to brand all plastics as “bad” and ban their use completely 😕 especially when there are so many great objects that work well only when made of plastics?

                Take the case of this guy:

                What can I say about Oscar Pistorius? A guy born with a severe congenital defect that led to both his legs being amputated when he was 11 months old 😦 If he was born in a particular semi-civilised society, he would have been ostracised by the mediaeval-minded hordes since they would believe that he must suffer due to his “previous births’ karma” 😡 and he would have probably turned into a destitute now 😦

                Luckily for him, science stepped in when the imaginary entity failed him completely for no fault of his own. With the help of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) prosthetics called the cheetah flex-foot, he is not just an athlete and sprinter, he is able to compete with the world’s best able-bodied runners! I would love to see Oscar win a medal at London 2012 for several reasons. One of them – it would prove to the whole world that the civilised combination of science and free will would triumph over savage superstitious beliefs like “fate” and “previous births’ karma”. Good luck to Oscar! He is an inspirational fellow!

            • axinia Says:

              Raj, the amagzing thing aout it is that there are equaly good alternatives to plastic, but the mighty industries are not interested in developing them. I hear something liek they are told to block any kind of such invention untill all the oil has been sold out. I can belive it is true.

              • You may be surprised, but even I believe that it IS true, Axinia. There are not only equally good alternatives to plastic and oil, even better natural alternatives exist, but they are deliberately supressed by the filthy governments 👿 and the criminal corporations 👿 which always work hand in glove to take humankind to self-destruction 😡

                One such natural alternative is the wonder crop, hemp:

                This is not even something new. Henry Ford made a car with resin stiffened hemp fibre and ran it on ethanol produced from hemp oil.

                Since this amazing plant (industrial hemp varieties) can provide anything from nutrient-rich food, “natural” plastics, construction materials, bio-fuel, paper, textiles, paints and cosmetics, it was a serious threat to the criminal corporations as it is a crop that can be grown by farmers anywhere and can can be processed locally to produce a variety of materials. The criminal corporations and bankster gangsters got the filthy federal government of the USA to ban industrial hemp on the false pretext of a war against the marijuana drug. All that was a big lie. Marijuana and industrial hemp are made from completely different plant varieties. The only reason why industrial hemp was banned was because it was dangerous not to health, but to the profits of the criminal corporate oil mafia, Wall Street robber barons and the corrupt federal government bureaucrats:


                Of course, the filthy governments, criminal corporations and bankster gangsters do not like free men and women who live outside their control. True freedom is something that is despised by both the commies and the self-styled “free market capitalists” and the media whores under their control/in their pay. Anything that will provide people with the means to break free of the control of the filthy governments and criminal corporations will always be suppressed by these vile rascals 👿

  3. sakhi Says:

    I am a small part of RUR (are you recycling) NGO which promotes the cloth bags instead of plastic ones. I hope more and more people decide to go off plastic wherever possible. Instead of plastic plates or styrofoam plates people should use SS plates. This is just an example.

    permit me to post a link here where RUR is mentioned.


  4. swaps Says:

    -plastic as the synonym for materialism, as its physical manifestation (this is my very personal perception).

    This is very much true. And it is the crux of the problem.

    For instance …
    … most people find it unfashionable to carry a bag with them. They prefer to carry their purchases in cheap plastic bags readily provided by the shop. This happens everyday with everyone everywhere…imagine the amount of disposable plastic that we so carelessly release into the environment. Plastic bag cannot be recycled plus they are light and spread easily. All this just because they cannot take a bag with them.

    That is why one cannot depend on people’s discretion …it has to be imposed.

    Somehow I feel the next generation is more thoughtful but what are WE doing?

    • Ankur Says:

      In San Diego, California, it is becoming more of a trend to use cloth bags. At least the grocery stores where they sell organic or local produce. I even feel bad when I forget my cloth bag and have to resort using plastic grocery bags.

  5. radha Says:

    Plastic has the power to convert good vibrations of an object into negative vibrations into no time. it is harmful for health causing respiratory and skin problems. dont use plastic stuff!

  6. Fatima Says:

    I once watched a documentary about plastic wastes being ingested by seagulls and their babies off the coast of…I think it was Costa Rica?

    It was simply horrifying to believe that those innocent creatures would mistake the plastic trifles we use for food, and give it to their young to ingest and eventually die.

    I hope that awareness about these and other dangers gets out more.

  7. faisaha Says:

    My friend Doug Woodring, wrote an article in the South China Morning Post a month ago talking about “plastic vortex” and the “proliferation of plastic” and its consequences as “pervasive ocean debris” in the modern age.
    It is sad and alarming that half of our production of plastic is for disposal (one-off, and throw away), and the effect is disastrous.
    That is how i know of the Project Kaisei.
    Go to their official web site: Project Kaisei – Capturing the Plastic Vortex and support them.

  8. Yeah I am really interested in the subject that your talking about. I’ve bookmarked this site

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