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POLL: how much does your life depend on the outside factors? July 11, 2009

Our life is full of unpredictable happenings and people who make impact on it. There are certain decisions which we can take on our own, then there are family/friends/colleagues who daily influence our life.  Then there are ecological, economical and political factors…

I am curious what you think about the percentage of that impact on your own life – how much is it?90, 70, 50 oder may be only 5%? To put it in other words: is the influence of diverse outside factors bigger than the one of your own being (attitude, philosophy, habits, etc.)?

Let me see what many of you, my dearest readers will choose and then… let me quote someone I respect a lot with a very interesting note on this topic!

Here is my poll (the first one since I blog!):

Thanks for voting 🙂

LOVE, axinia


P.S: after two days 30 people voted and I think that is a good number to show the results.

We can see that the clear majority of the people voted ( 48%) believe their life to depend on the outside factors up to 50%.

Both 70 and 90 percent voters have scored 12%, 30% voters  – 20% and 5% voters scored 8% (which is not surprising :).

And now, my contirubution:

I was inspired to this idea reading my favourite Sufi Saint Hazrat Inayat Khan, saying that whatever we may think, it is actually only 5% of life factors that do not depend on us. The rest 95% of life is what our inner being makes of it. I agree withit completely as my own life proves that my outer happiness (success in job, great family and friends, money life, etc.) are merely the result of my happy and harmonious inner being. Bad things seem to avoid me 🙂 And even in the today’s worldwide crisis my life situation improves miraculously (for instance just yesterday I was offered a CEO position without even dreaming of it!)… I am convinced that the outside factors do depend on us to the greater extend, not otherwise.. Let me quote another great personally here:

“In the case of homo sapiens, our being imbibes the outside world through constant sensations, impulses, impressions and conditionings. The outside world is the water, the inside world is the sponge. With homo spiiritualis, however the inner world and its energy, crystallized by the rising sap the Kundalini, is much more powerful. It is emitted from the personality of a realized person on the surrounding world and it subtly, yet effectively, influences the outside. The inner world is the water, the outside world the sponge.”Grégoire de Kalbermatten,

And that works for me.

LOVE; axinia


18 Responses to “POLL: how much does your life depend on the outside factors?”

  1. dmitri Says:

    hi axinia!
    i dont know if i depend on the outside fectors, but they cosntatly effect me and it feels like as if the outside world is the only world i live in. mostly it effects me negetivly and i get dissapointed from situations, of people and it constatly threatens to rob me of my peace. mostly i keep quiet and just watch it and so it happens that i rarly get a chanse to express myself…

    • axinia Says:

      дмитрий, вот интресная притча в тему:

      Приходит к отцу молодая девушка и говорит:
      – Отец, я устала, у меня такая тяжелая жизнь, такие трудности и проблемы, я все время плыву против течения, у меня нет больше сил… Что мне делать?
      Отец вместо ответа поставил на огонь три одинаковых кастрюли с водой, в одну бросил морковь, в другую положил яйцо, а в третью насыпал зерна кофе. Через некоторое время он вынул из воды морковь и яйцо и налил в чашку кофе из третьей кастрюли.
      – Что изменилось? – спросил он свою дочь.
      – Яйцо и морковь сварились, а зерна кофе растворились в воде – ответила она.
      – Нет, дочь моя, это лишь поверхностный взгляд на вещи. Посмотри: твердая морковь, побывав в кипятке, стала мягкой и податливой. Хрупкое и жидкое яйцо стало твердым. Внешне они не изменились, они лишь изменили свою структуру под воздействием одинаковых неблагоприятных обстоятельств – кипятка. Так и люди – сильные внешне могут расклеиться и стать слабаками там, где хрупкие и нежные лишь затвердеют и окрепнут.
      – А кофе? – спросила дочь
      – О! Это самое интересное! Зерна кофе полностью растворились в новой враждебной среде и изменили ее – превратили кипяток в великолепный ароматный напиток. Есть особые люди, которые не изменяются в силу обстоятельств – они изменяют сами обстоятельства и превращают их в нечто новое и прекрасное, извлекая пользу и знания из ситуации.

  2. A different kind of petal, Axinia! 🙂

    I chose 50% – that has been the case for me personally on an average, till now. But it can be as high as 90% or as low as 5% for others and I’ll wait to see the results.

    Whatever, whether our life depends on outside factors or not, we cannot forget that we are responsible for our actions and more importantly, the intent of our actions. People may think they can get away with any thing they commit, but it will come back to haunt them in more ways than they could ever imagine. That’s because each individual is responible for his/her own actions and will have to face its consequences. That is the principle of natural justice.

  3. kanagu Says:

    voted axinia…

    to me it affects much… I will consider not only ourselves but many while taking a decision 🙂

  4. kanagu Says:

    read it as myself

  5. Rambler Says:

    i just realized how little control we have of our inner factors like attitude beliefs etc

  6. Ldinka_108 Says:

    i have chosen 50%. in my personal experience/development my desires and qualities provoke or invite the events from outside world which impact me in multiple ways.
    curious to see where do you lead with that 🙂

  7. ajalota Says:

    I chose 90%. A lot of good and bad things are external stimuli. If I was in a war zone, like Darfur, attitude would help, but it would definitely be evident that you are affected by the society you live in.

  8. Nita Says:

    I voted. And it depends on month to month though, at least for me!

  9. axinia Says:

    thank you all, now when even my special friend Nita voted, I will let you know my own thought on that- see the P.S. in the post itself!

  10. Fatima Says:

    Brings new meaning to the quote “Life is what you make it.”

    Makes me happy.

  11. CECE Says:

    Loved the last quote. I voted 50% but I believe humans have such power over their own lives they just don’t realize it or use it.(I’m guilty of this myself)

    • axinia Says:

      it is so simple and yet so complicated…Obviously it is a life-long process and this not something can happen over a day. this is the spirital growth.

  12. swaps Says:

    But some people are almost entirely at the mercy of external factors…for instance, a politician or a film actor. Their success depends on people and circumstances, or what we call as chance.

    But if you say one must be in harmony with the surrounding, I have to agree. Perhaps it is secret of a happy, if not successful, life.

    (But I think, success is a must 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      swaps, I wonder what do you mean under success? Do you really mean only polititians or actors can be successful??? – if so then I am very surprised…

      I consider myself a successful person because I do not only have everything I want, but also my succes is being acknowledged by the society. And, honestly, even such thing as luck is definitely an outcome of the inner state.

      • swaps Says:

        No no…I mentioned politicians and actors as those whose fate is more dependent on the whims of the public.

        Another example, a design engineer’s job is less affected by external factors like logistics, human resource etc than a production manager’s. I think I am making things too wordly…I think some are more affected by outside world than others.

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