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Airport ranking – my top 5 most interesting July 24, 2008

I have been travelling by plane since I was a baby. I love airports. I even wanted to become a stewardess :). I have not been around the whole world, but there is a number of airports I have been departing from and arriving at: Vilnus, Moscow (2 airports), Vienna, Paris, Mumbai, London, Istanbul, Milan, Frankfurt, Nizza, Berlin, Zürich, New Delhi, Tashkent, Rostov-on-Don, Khakriv, Doha to name a few I could remember.

Each airport is a kind of a visitcard of a country/city. It is interesting to see how much of the national character  is involved into the design and service of that very special place – airport.

Here is my personal ranking of 5 best airports I have visited so far:

Number 5: Milan airport (Italy), makes rather an out-dated impression (probably build in the 1970s), but has its charm due to the green colour and massive ads of Italian designers: (more…)


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