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Only 1% of user generate Web 2.0 content? December 2, 2007

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They speak about 1% rule: only 1% of user generate the content in Web 2.0. But what are the true numbers?

 Mc Kinsey has recently aired a study on the topic.mckinsey
Source: Mc Kinsey

The study shows that in fact 2% of Wikipedia User create 60 % of content. About 4% of Youtube und SecondLife user generate more than 90 % of content. The fat 10% of  del.icio.us user generate 60 % of its content. That comes closer to the 80-20 rule (Pareto principle). Robert Basic makes a conclusion that in fact the percentage of user generated content  of one site grows with the time.

What motivates people to contribute for free? (more…)


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