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My vision of the 21st century Arts October 4, 2009

Declaimer:this is my personal opinion/dream/hope/ of what the Arts will be like in the 21st century. And although the century has already started, due to the global transformation of collective consciousness which is currently taking place, in some years or decades the world may change tremendously and the new world with the new values will appear in its magnificent beauty…
Since ages the main task of any kind of art – music, literature, painting, theater, film etc. has been to make people think, to develop their introspection abilities, to cultivate their emotions.For the humanity has been only able of percepting the world through 5 senses.
Even though Love has been the most popular theme, the conflicts within a piece of art has been built upon the main human weaknesses like jealousy, lust, greed, anger and revenge.
This is what we have had so far. However that will not last that long, since many people are obtaining the 6th sense and start percepting the word differently, their values change, as well as the ability to enjoy all kinds of Arts.
I believe that instead of the mental and emotional enjoyment, the measure of all things will be the joy of the Spirit (manifesting through vibrations). The masterpieces of tomorrow will not inspire us to discuss things, will not make us weep… The Masterpieces of tomorrow will make us blissfully thoughtless.
Thus, my prediction is that 90% of the contemporary Arts will die out, probably only very few masterpieces of the world classics will remain. Basically, all the Arts will have to be re-invented. The leading topic will not be the overcoming of difficulties by one hero, by a group fo people or a community. The Art will become more “collective” addressing more global issues rather than the sufferings of one person.
And here is the example of the New Art  – the voice that is reaching out to the Spirit, beyond the mind and emotion.
LOVE, axinia

Congratulations to America! November 5, 2008

My heartfelt congratulations to all my US readers, and, actually to all of us – the historical victory of Barac Obama will hopefully have a great impact on the world development and may indeed bring the long awaited values shift.




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