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Tag: My top three movies of all time! December 6, 2010

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I was tagged my Destination Infinity to do this tag on 3 top movies of all time. To say I am selective about watching movies is to say nothing. I hardly see a couple of films in one year. There was a time in my life several years back when I was watching many, but then I realized there were very very few works that could make me stun. And from any piece of art I am expecting this effect – it must fascinate me! Too idealistic, I know…

In my childhood I watched many good Russian films, but I don’t remember any one being particular fascinating. Thus I can only relate to the ones I have watched outside of Russian culture.

Here is my top 3:

1. LIFE IS BEATUIFUL by Roberto Benigni.

What fascinated me most was the Attitude towards the worst condition one can imagine:

In a concentration camp, Guido hides his son from the Nazi guards, sneaks him food, and tries to humor him. In an attempt to keep up Giosué’s spirits, Guido convinces him that the camp is just a game, in which the first person to get 1,000 points wins a tank. He tells him that if he cries, complains that he wants his mother, or says that he is hungry, he will lose points, while quiet boys who hide from the camp guards earn 1,000 points.

This changed the complete life perception, I remember how deeply I was moved  by the greateness of human Spirit in this attempt.

2. RANG DE BASANTI (English translation: Paint It Saffron), India

That’s my another favorite: I love the transformaiton idea! That’s what fascinates me most of all in life, as well as in every piece of art – the human ability to get transformed, to evolve, to grow… The movie is very powerful, and  – unlike in Matrix that used to be my favorite – I love the collevtive (team) spirit, not a single hero fighting the evil.

3. JODHA AKBAR, another Indian production of 2008

The breathtaking aesthetic beauty is a rare case in the western film. I have never seen any western production that would blow my mind by the spectacular colour combinations or marvelous aesthetic scenes – that remains the strength of the Eastern mindset and perspective. (more…)


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