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The magic of numbers on my watch October 25, 2009


Since today is the day when we change from summer time to winter time here in Europe, I take it as a good opportunity to make a note on the recent funny behaviour of my watch. By watch here I mean any digital display showing time. Since a couple of months I am witnessing the following phenomenon:

any time I have a look at the numbers, they are of this nature:






I mean may be not always, but surely 99% of cases!!! It has become even a kind of game for me – I suddenly glance at the watch (on my PC or mobile) and here we are – a “funny time” again and again.

Any explanations/theories/same experiences? 🙂




Say it! Or the impact of blogging. April 11, 2008

 photo by axinia


Have many people really contribute to the Internet content? Apparently, Only 1% of user generate Web 2.0 content. I wonder if this tendency will change, for I noticed something interesting about my own user-behaviour.

Since I am blogging, I realise the value of a comment. I love getting comments (who does not?) but I also love giving them! In fact, I noticed that my awareness for commenting, and generally for creating my content has grown enormously since I started blogging. I develop myself to the even more active user and  – finally – global community member. (more…)


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