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How to measure your Spiritual Growth? January 28, 2010

We all know – the Ego wants to take, to absorb, to possess everything and the heart only wants to give, to share, to nourish.

Suddenly a simple idea stroke my mind: it’s so easy to check out how far I am in my spiritual growth by a simple test. I just need to watch and introspect how often I want to get and how often to give.

When I think of it, I remember that people who impress me with their spiritual depth are extremely giving, amazingly generous, heartedly caring… And I recall some who do as if they were spiritually evolved but one can’t get anything from them – no time, no attention, no sharing, no presents… literary nothing.

Since the heart is the place where the Spirit dwells, it becomes obvious that the larger the heart is, the stronger is the manifestation of the Spirit and thus the beauty of spiritual growth.

Check yourself 🙂

LOVE, axinia

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