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What’s wrong with smoking? – the real reason why non-smokers hate it September 15, 2009

Smoking… The topic has been a smoky hot discussion since many years, although recently it has become even hotter in Europe. I am not a friend of discussions, because  – as I stated earlier – I am a convinced existentialist and thus I belive that perceptions could not be discussed in general, because of their subjective nature. However I want to share with you one intresting insight on this problematic topic.

There are 1000 and 1 arguments the non-smokers give while trying to justify their intolerance of other’s smoking. I don’t really care for all these arguments. I can only state that unfortunately I am a militant objector of smoking, and I can’t  help it. No amount of spiritual growth  helps me to tolerate smoking around me or especially into my face. Recently I was wondering WHY I actually do not mind seeing people drunk, under drugs, whatever – although that is disgusting but it never bothers me to such extend as smoking?! WHY? I finally asked my husband who has a special boon of knowing all the answers 🙂 And you know what he told me? (more…)


Social Advertisement in Moscow December 27, 2008

Russians have always been very good at idealistic motivation and inner-propaganda. May be because Russian people are easily inspired by values rather than materialistic ads, the phenomenon of Social Advertisement is very popular and effective in Russia.

Social advertisement (do not mix with advertising in social networks!!) has been around for years and it’s about applying marketing and advertising principles to promote health and social issues and bringing about positive behavior change.

During my trip to Moscow, it was one the things that stroke me and gave food for thought:  the social ads along the escalator in the Moscow tube. I have made some snapshots to illustrate that wonderful phenomenon.


This ad goes hand in hand with the presently strong state campaign for family life  -the poster quotes a philosopher saying “Family is one of the masterpieces of nature”.  Please note the figures on the poster – the grandparent` look is very modern and rather untypical for Russia, but probably getting closer to the modern urban grandparents… Also both ladies looking rather masculine – a new tendency but still not very typical. (more…)


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