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Shadows May 30, 2012

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what do you want? March 17, 2007

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The best test-question I know. The question that goes straight into the core of the person.

What do you want?

Some can not give any answer. Some start listing their desires. But try to answer with one word!

What do you want?

As simple as that. As genius as that.

I asked many people. I got different answers. The one which I loved the most was “I want Moksha”… What deepness!

This question stroke me in the American science fiction TV series Babylon 5  – the Shadows ask the question of “What do you want?” centring towards desire. As negative characters they try to find out about the desires of a person they want to overpower. They go on asking this question till the person gives an answer. And then they manipulate the poor thing if the desire is not pure…

But desire is the motor of evolution! Even a spiritual journey of a person can not go forward without a desire. First you awaken your desire, and then go into action. 


When you have your answer, I have another even simpler and easier question for you next time…

LOVE, axinia


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