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Test results: my ideal film role November 12, 2008

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A girlfriend has sent me a lovely test to find out the best female role one could have played. I found the results very interesting, because all my girlfriends have got the results, that went accurately with their female nature. Unfortunately the test is available only in Russian, and obviously made up by Russians, as there are some characters from Russian films as well.

So my result is – Arwen, the Elf Princess from The Lord of the Rings.: “she is not only beautiful and gracious, but has a strong spirit and she performs miracles for the sake of her love”. Interestingly, that is the film I never watched. Although the character seems to be fitting me the best compared to the 16 others.

I was just taken aback by the accuracy of results and wanted ot share with you…:)

LOVE; axinia


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