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Why I see the world through the rose coloured glasses – study results June 6, 2009

An interesting scientific prove of what I always knew: Optimists Literally See Better! 🙂 As you can see from my posts and photos, I am a hopeless optimist. And here comes the new study proving the nature of my (and many others’!) life perception.

 (image by me)

Beware of bad moods as they can worsen the way you perceive the world, says a new study.
“Specifically our study shows that when in a positive mood, our visual cortex takes in more information, while a negative mood results in tunnel vision, said Adam Anderson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto (U-T) who led the study.

Anderson’s team used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine how our brain processes sensory information when in good, bad and neutral moods.

Researchers first showed subjects a series of images designed to generate a good, bad or neutral mood. Subjects were then shown a composite image, featuring a face in the centre, surrounded by “place” images, such as a house.

To focus their attention on the central image, subjects were asked to identify the gender of the person’s face. When in a bad mood, the subjects did not process the images of places in the surrounding background. (more…)


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