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Removing anger April 5, 2009

Anger destroys. It ruins lives, relationships, careers, personalities.It scars children and friendships, and eats aways at the soul. No one would deny that it is a thing to be avoided, but unfortunately everywhere we turn we see evidence of the anger which lurks inside the human psyche. Newspapers are TV report constantly talk of angry groups and individuals; all of them infuriated by some injustice, decision or insult.

People are routinely described as “outraged” and “furious”, whilst little attention is paid to voices of conciliation or modesty. Critics vent their wrath on features to which they take exception; bad meals, bad art, rotten holidays. We seem to be fascinated by anger and rage and at the same time intimidated by it. Terrorists use anger and rage as their weapon of fear, and it works insofar as it creates a climate of suspicion and mistrust in their target societies.

 (image by me)

Yogis understand the reasons for the anger in modern times, and battle constantly to overcome this destructive emotion. (more…)


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