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The illusion of projects April 15, 2009

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Project is one of the main form of today’s collaboration. I guess almost everyone has been participating at least in one project, at work or as a volunteer. Projects are fascinating because they have a powerful creative element as well as a great team feeling. Generally people like to be involved in projects, although there might be  1000 underwater stones and problems.

I have been working on projects of all kinds  since 10 years, and I turned to be a good project manager mainly because I knew whom and how to involve. Over these years I have experienced and realised quite a number of things regarding working in projects and I thought of sharing some thoughts with you here.

The biggest secret about a project is that it is NOT about achieving a result, although people totally fall into the trap of this illusion. Obviously any project starts in order to bring some change into life, to improve something or just to create a joyful happening… Whatever it is, try to keep in mind that it is not the aim of the whole thing. But that is really the biggest trick about it all: project participants concentrate on “doing” and often start “hating” each other because obviously everyone has a different working style and when the deadline burns, the nervousness grows… So if achieving the project goal is not the real aim, then what is the goal you may ask me?

Yes, the real aim (again, this is my personal experience based conclusion) – is to learn how to lovingly collaborate with each other, to grow together in overcoming difficulties, to develop the collective body and simply – to evolve in it. When the project is over, people are of cause happy about the results (which are mostly successful), but they are even more happy about having worked and learned with each other!! That is a big surprise at the end, but unfortunately it is something that becomes easily forgotten when a new project starts and again the pressure of achieving some goal makes everyone angry. (more…)


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