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Congratulations to America! November 5, 2008

My heartfelt congratulations to all my US readers, and, actually to all of us – the historical victory of Barac Obama will hopefully have a great impact on the world development and may indeed bring the long awaited values shift.




What`s in Russian eyes? September 28, 2008


In 2001 Mr. G.Bush surprised the world with his memorable description of his Russian counterpart. “I looked the man in the eye,” Mr. Bush said of Putin after their meeting in Slovenia, adding, “I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

In 2008, John McCain told the Republican Jewish Coalition that he saw something else entirely when he met the Russian leader: “I looked into Mr. Putin’s eyes and I saw three things — a K and a G and a B.”

Shortly after Obama said that he wants to pay attention to Putin’s actions, not his eyes. Foreign policy should not be set by an opinion of a leader’s eyes.

I believe there was no other president in the history whose eyes have been such a popular topic 🙂

Another take: I once met a professional in the field of Intercultural communication, she looked at me and said “You must be Russian, you have typical Russian eyes”. (more…)


New Russian President Medvedev is a yoga man May 20, 2008

Good news for Russia: the new Russian President Dmitry Medvedev seem to be more spiritual than any other leader of Russia since long. Apart from his understanding for Christianity, Medvedev is known for practicing yoga.

Medvedev, 42, whose name can be translated into Sanskrit as “Madhuvedi”, will be Russia’s so far only Indian Yoga practicing head of state.  Indian media has been discussing the fact that Yoga is set to get a huge push in Russia, where the Indian art was banned and lessons were passed on secretly during the Soviet era. (more…)


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