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What’s your strongest quality? September 26, 2013

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Can we describe ourselves in one word? Normally it’s not easy. We think we possess many various qualities. However often people while giving  a reference on us, use only one or two words . It means there is one powerful personality trait which we should know about ourselves. It may not be what others think of us, but ideally it should correlate with the general opinion.

When I introspect on my strongest quality, several things come to my mind. And if I have to decide on only one, this is what comes up:

I do not have double standards an I am always the same – in every situation, with each and every person I behave the same way. I have same love and respect both for nice, positive people and for the negative ones, I treat a beggar and an oligarch with the same attitude, despite any set up. Is this sincerity? Or unconditional acceptance? I don’t know how to name this quality but this is what I believe is my strongest personality trait. Hopefully this is also what others see as my strongest trait as well.

And yours? Looking forward to read about your stongest qualties!

Thanks and loads of love,



One unusual feedback November 25, 2012

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I’ve got a sweet letter of a long-time reader saying she scrapbooked me in her personal book “Life and People” which is mostly about her life but she considered me a part of it, although we never met. Here is what she says: “Almost all of my pages in my scrapbook have some sort of theme to them. You page is one of the few that don’t.
I found it interesting to make this discovery as so many people try to label themselves or create some sort of character so that they can
be labeled (“retro” “elegant” “edgy” “sophisticated” etc.)…it seems almost so that they can be sure of who they are. Even when I read your blog, I can’t put any label or stereotype to you. I really believe that this is due to knowing and experiencing a high existence, a more spiritual existence.”

I often get great feedback from my awesome readership, but this lovely girl  – Lisa from Alberta, Canada – has taken so much time and effort and hand-made something so beautiful, a page which reflects my whole being…I find it fascinating how this 19 year old girl could capture my nature so well!

 See for yourself:

THANK YOU, LISA! 🙂 this is soooooooooooo heartfelt 🙂



What is creativity? November 3, 2008

painting by Andrea Brück

We live in a time when creativity is seen either as a passport to material riches, or as something to be cynically criticised and attacked. Those who can, create, but timorously and always with a guarded eye turned towards the criticism of others. Artists doubt the value of their work, until they either give up in despair, or -hiding behind an artificially pumped ego – they manage to assert their mastery and gain recognition through sheer grit and dogged determination.

However as any true artist readily admit, real creativity is much more that a super charged ego, a fancy car and some astute self-promotion. It is a secret, magical alliance between talented and heartfelt application and divine inspiration. This combination of heart and spirit is what gives sublime art its power to shape epochs. We can always recognise the divinity of true art simply by measuring its enduring and widespread appeal. (more…)


How to start blogging September 12, 2008

 image bykatisommer

Blogging has proved to be not a hype but an important online activity, very creative and useful for many. At some point regular blog-readers get inspired to start blogging and naturally seek for some advice.

Being a 2 year old blogger :), I have the following to share:

1. GURU-blog. 

Fall in love with your favourite blog!  – the best inspiration is by love, and naturally you will pick out a blog which appeals to you, because you can actually do the same. When I started, my inspiration was Meditation Photography by Suresh, with his excellent pictures and great philosophical texts, which he always kept short enough. In the beginning you always have to learn, and it is better to learn from the best!


The subject of your favourite blog is probably also the best for you 🙂 So what do you want to blog about? Normally, a blogger has a certain theme, which makes the orientation easier both to the blogger and to the readers. You may also like to blog on random topics – in that case you need a strong personal expression to make the blog interesting. People will read you just because of your special character, your style of writing and self-expression, does not matter whether you blog on the US president elections or your last shopping for shoes(more…)


Are bloggers all charismatic persons? June 5, 2008

image by axinia

Bloggers are being studied, followed, mocked, copied or misunderstood – whatever is the reaction, mostly bloggers do not leave people indifferent.

Obviously blogging requires a certain amount of self-exposure, which may be even useful in some healthy portions 🙂 Today, thanks to the growing collective awareness Individualisation started melting into globalisation  – and such a mix of both qualities makes blogging to the perfect tool reflecting these contradictions. A blogger is a very individualistic and at the same time group-oriented, open to the whole world, connected to the whole world person.

However not everyone becomes a blogger. What drives a person to blog and who becomes a hard blogging artist?

I guess the secret behind a (good, popular) blogger is in his/her … charisma. If we look at the main characteristics of a charismatic personality – it looks like a portrait of a typical blogger! (more…)


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