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Akiane, a child prodigy artist – love and compassion in paint March 16, 2009

There are various debates about her on the Internet. Some voices speak of her with awe, others speak of her in a knocking fashion – usually because she is religious and believes passionately in God (today it seems to be suspisious). Interestingly, being a daughter of atheist parents, Akiane learned about God through visions that appeared to her. She was home schooled, didn’t watch TV and their home doesn’t have Internet connection. So, there is no outside influences to her art and spiritual awakening. Everything that she learned is all from visions.

She was born on July 9th, 1994, underwater at home. Growing up with a few siblings, she is obviously blessed with an incredible gift, and she is very intelligent. She can speak four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English, and Sign language.

Akiane showed, from a very early age, a high degree of technical skill in the making of fine art paintings. There was a very high degree of precocity in these works, such that they appeared to have been made by the steady hand and eye of a much older, more experienced artist. It is this quality of work that leads to the description of her as a child prodigy. Enjoy the video:

And check  Akiane’s homepage here.


P.S. Akiane means Ocean…


What is creativity? November 3, 2008

painting by Andrea Brück

We live in a time when creativity is seen either as a passport to material riches, or as something to be cynically criticised and attacked. Those who can, create, but timorously and always with a guarded eye turned towards the criticism of others. Artists doubt the value of their work, until they either give up in despair, or -hiding behind an artificially pumped ego – they manage to assert their mastery and gain recognition through sheer grit and dogged determination.

However as any true artist readily admit, real creativity is much more that a super charged ego, a fancy car and some astute self-promotion. It is a secret, magical alliance between talented and heartfelt application and divine inspiration. This combination of heart and spirit is what gives sublime art its power to shape epochs. We can always recognise the divinity of true art simply by measuring its enduring and widespread appeal. (more…)


No more lonely yogis! – the benefits of the collective spiritual evolution. April 24, 2008

drawing by Vitalia Stupak

Normally I prefer colourful photos for my blogs, as my readers know 🙂 But to pass by this absolutely amazing painting was above my preferences and blogging style…

This wonderful paint by Vitalia Stupak (Ukraine) shows that the personal ascent is in fact depends on much loving support of the others… The times of a lonely ascetic yogi meditating in Himalayas have passed. Now, when the mankind has discovered the common spirituality as a way of living, it has become much easier to ascent and  – what is the most important! -to enjoy this ascent in a company 🙂

Do you see it same way? Any experiences?

LOVE, axinia


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