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Libya: mega-brainwash about the recent “rebellion” February 28, 2011

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Normally I do not post on politics but for some exception. When I came to know what a huge lie we all are being bombarded with, I just could not keep myself back from posting about it.

Only on Russian-speaking blogs (not in official Russian mass media!) I found reports from Russians and Ukrainians working in Libya (doctors, etc) that all in one voice claim all we are being told on TV is a complete LIE!

Here is some translations from blogs (used Google translate):

Most importantly, NO bombing protesters, rebels, insurgents, residential and nonresidential districts of cities, etc. NO. This is a vile lie, which has no relation to reality. They bombed the only arms depots in the east, where the “rebels” attempted to seize weapons.

“We are told that Tripoli was bombed by the Libyan aircraft. Today a friend’s wife spoke to him on skype (according to media Internet was blocked!)) and she was very much surprised.  She said: “I watch CNN, there is talk about the bombing of Tripoli, and that -in my district. And we have silence! Nobody was bombing, all was quiet. The picture shows that CNN filmed all in another Arab country, and is tied to the bombing of Tripoli!
From the words of this man – it is the most powerful information war against Libya. Much of what they say and show the media is really just nonsense. All of this is preparing the ground for the seizure of Libyan oil fields. “

“East (Cyrenaica). 15 February led the youth on the street (drugs, money from the youth participants – not only in the speech of Qaddafi, but also documented – probably both are distributed in large quantities). In Benghazi and several other towns east of demonstrations, “protesters” tried to seize arms caches ,something had to take before the warehouse was bombed.

There has acted mainly drugged youth with stones – in hospitals and mortuaries in their pockets found drugs (some kind of “nonsense”, in particular, relieves pain) and … for 500-1000 dollars. (and this with 18-20-year-olds! Earned?). Practically, no one and did not disperse, but they stormed the government facilities. Police. stations were without protection, because they are easy and smashed and a number of adm. buildings (building the people’s committees, banks, etc.), but only when they went into protected military facilities, fire was opened.

New information about an attempt to “mutiny” on the night of 20 to 21 February.

“In particular, it turned out that one of our friends is now living at the beginning of str. Gargarash, just opposite the Palace of People’s Congresses, which burned during an attempted “rebellion” in the night from Sunday to Monday. She said that at this point the Supreme People’s Congress … it was simply not there! The Congress has already moved to another location, and the old building was empty. There not only was not enhanced protection, but in general there was no one! (more…)


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