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What is the difference between “falling in love” and “love”? November 15, 2008

Waterfall or the ocean?

I like the English expression “falling in love” because it very well explains what happens  – people do “fall” in love (just the opposite of growing into). Love, when we fall into it seem to be more intense, powerful, sparkling and also painful – the great play of hormones that make us druggy… oh, how people love it! Surely this kind of fireworks of feelings is a rich material for arts and discussions, that is why it has been cultivated throughout centuries, especially in the Western world.

And yet I would claim that this is not love.

Love is the something that grows into infinity, something so deep and steady, so alive and majestic, so flowing and playful…

I would compare falling in love with the waterfall, which is exiting and fascinating, but you jump into it and  -most probably -get injured or die. Or land into a quiet waters which bores you. 

I would compare the true LOVE with the ocean, so vast and powerful, so dignified and all-perwading. You can swim or ride the waves, you can dive or lay down on it – you are always inside the ocean, that is nourishing and caring unconditionally… (more…)


The wave August 29, 2008

 image by axinia

I was standing on the shore
     a mighty wave came with a big roar
i was far away
     the wave rushed forward in the play
gently did it tickle me
     i felt the cool waters with glee
a moment passed
     the water receeded into the vast
how empty did i feel
     without the water, was my life real? (more…)


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