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Why a marriage works or not January 17, 2010

One may view a marriage as two people standing back to back , each protecting the other in a particular way.

It is the feminine task to protect not only herself but her man nad  her family from the dangers of inner world; moods, inflations, excesses, vulnerabilities, and what used to be called possessions. There are the things a woman’s genius can manage much better that a man’s. Usually he has his own task in facing the outer world and keeping the family safe.

There is a particular danger in the modern attitude in which both people face the our world, both spend their time in outer things. This leaves their inner world unprotected and many dangers creep into the household through this unprotected quarter. Children are particularly vulnerable to this unprotectedness.

When a marriage begins the partners are like two discrete circles overlapping a little. The division between he two is great and each has a specific task. As the marriage partners grow older, each learns a bit of other’s genius, and finally the two circles overlap more and more.

found in “She” by Robert A.Johnson, a Jungian analytic


Love is a collective energy February 16, 2009

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.
– Victor Hugo

Language is often troubling, as can be seen in the literal meaning of common phrases: love is something you fall into, the tender trap; it is also something you make. In the West LOVE is sometimes described as a sort of flu of the heart but a flu that killed Tristan and Iseuld as weIl as Romeo and Juliet. Like flu, it is contagious. Teenagers, lovers, couples playing with each other’ s hearts can all experience the pain – just as with kids putting their fingers in the electric socket.

An extreme form of absurdity is to adopt the reductionist view that love is sex. The fact is that human love has many forms: affection, sex, tolerance, protection, companionship, fraternity, sisterhood, respect, compassion, admiration, dedication and worship. All of these attitudes generate positive interactions and are potentially huge sources of satisfaction. Many of them are crucial to maintaining cohesive groups and productive working environments.
 Our inability to give or receive love hampers the quality of these interactions and the collectivity suffers from the sum of these accumulated failures.

The fight for survival of an individual may express itself in any form of competition or even in violence. (more…)


A human being consists of the whole world January 27, 2009

A human body consists of all five elements

And resembles of different animals.

A human heart can be a desert or a flourishing garden,

A stone or a fresh cooling waters.

A human brain can be a rich soil or a fruit tree

a lightning or a fast flowing river,

Male and Female essences are reflecting the Sun and the Moon,

The Breath of God is in every cell.

…Truly, what a perfectly beautiful creature, a human being.

A being that consists of the whole world!..


by axinia


What is the difference between “falling in love” and “love”? November 15, 2008

Waterfall or the ocean?

I like the English expression “falling in love” because it very well explains what happens  – people do “fall” in love (just the opposite of growing into). Love, when we fall into it seem to be more intense, powerful, sparkling and also painful – the great play of hormones that make us druggy… oh, how people love it! Surely this kind of fireworks of feelings is a rich material for arts and discussions, that is why it has been cultivated throughout centuries, especially in the Western world.

And yet I would claim that this is not love.

Love is the something that grows into infinity, something so deep and steady, so alive and majestic, so flowing and playful…

I would compare falling in love with the waterfall, which is exiting and fascinating, but you jump into it and  -most probably -get injured or die. Or land into a quiet waters which bores you. 

I would compare the true LOVE with the ocean, so vast and powerful, so dignified and all-perwading. You can swim or ride the waves, you can dive or lay down on it – you are always inside the ocean, that is nourishing and caring unconditionally… (more…)


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