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How to fall asleep and wake up easily July 14, 2009

This is an intruduction of an easy method to fall asleep in case of insomnia or to wake up fully when the body is still asleep and the alarm clock is ringing mad. I found it out experimentally, but apparently the method is known since ages in India as Pranayama exercise.

How did this idea came up? Usually after a meditation, when my body (physical and subtle) get balanced, I can feel that my nose becomes very clear, even if it was not blocked at all. This is a very pleasant feeling, as if I would get the second breath. This happens automatically without me doing any special yogic exercise for it. As far as I can explain it, the Kundalini does it while rising. Actually this is also a good check up for a quality mediation : )

How is it related to the title of the post? In fact, I use this knowledge of the “pure nose” for regulating my body activity! – and I am sure everyone, either a yoga practitioner or not, can use it same way.

Let me tell you why and how. Basically we have our left side and right side (please read the detailed explanation here and here). If we are active (mentally or physically) our right side is at work. You can notice that at that state your right nostril is more clear. If you feel moody or weak, most probably your right nostril is blocked. Same for the morning wake up.

What can we learn from it? (more…)


Eating spiritually? September 8, 2008

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A friend of mine, an Indian journalist in US Priyanka Joshi, has written an intersting article on her blog about eating spiritually. Here are some abstracts:

In ancient Indian culture, Food has been treated as being sacred, having deeply valuable medicinal qualities, helping the individual to grow optimally physically, mentally and spiritually. For the last 8 yrs, I’ve been teaching free classes in Seattle and Bellevue on meditation and eating spiritually. I’ve also written about it in Indian national press and have prominent doctors attest to the following findings.


On Left sided days, we “go with the flow” a little too much, often repressing our true feelings, we tear up easily, we get over emotional, we get too attached to people and things and we find solace in romantic/tragic films/novels. Our superego comes up and we get smug or cynical, thinking we know everything about this sick, hypocritical, no good world. We feel powerless, hesitant about the future. Worry not! (more…)


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