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The evolution of business: The PROFIT mode dies out, the PURPOSE mode comes in! May 18, 2010


I think the most brilliant about this observation is that this is the NEW trend. I am sure that a couple of centuries or even decades away people have been indeed very well motivated by profit only. Now, as a clear advancement of mankind we can see the new motivation, the advanced motivation.

Let me back it up with one fo the most brilliant TED videos – “How great leaders inspire for action”, I guess it is nearly same idea, but from another view-point…

We live in a very interesting time when we can observe the transformation of the whole humanity at the highest speed!

LOVE, axinia


What I miss in Avatar and many similar films January 6, 2010

The idea of a Super Hero is something which is so typical for the Western Film production that nobody questions it. Having my Soviet background, when we used to watch films with a winning team, not a Super Hero, I get sick of the this typical One Man Show.

Even if Avatar can be considered as a breakthrough into the new technological and even spiritual level (at some point), then still the message of one man saving the world seems very unnatural to me.

Although in the history of humanity we had many single leaders who managed to bring about the changes, I believe that very soon, if not starting with Today, the humanity will evolve to the next level of collective action. I do not mean that the masses will act unorganised. I think at some point when we all reach a certain level of awareness (some more some less, but still) we can jump into this new dimension of collective decision making, acting and achieving.   (more…)


If the whole world decided today to follow You, then where would You lead them? September 9, 2009

I came across this lovely question today and thought   -hey, that is a great thing to ask oneself and my precious readers! 🙂

If the whole world decided today to follow You, then where would You lead them?

So WHERE? share your intentions! (more…)


Want to be a boss? August 19, 2008

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How many people dream of being a boss? Nobody knows, but I guess many. Such applications as status, respect, money are pretty attractive.

I am convinced that being a boss is a challenge not for everyone and actually not at all that attractive! What I see around is that people in charge (in business or politics) are in fact much poorer off than “normal people”.

Here are some good reasons taken from personal experience and HR books:

 – a boss is an object of critics and rumors (starting from dress or hairstyle till family life and hobbies – everything is under the magnifier)

a boss is a stressful and dangerous job (whoever failed, the boss is the one who is responsible)

a boss has normally no weekends and celebrations – any time anything can happen and he/she has to be available (more…)


Why every man should serve in the army June 10, 2008

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That is quite a hard statement and probably even shocking for most of my beloved readers… But let me give you some reasons for that personal belief of mine.

1. An army as an institution is not about making war. That is a totally wrong concept. In the first line it is about protection, for safety is the second basic need according to the well known Maslow`s hierarchy of needs.

2. Despite of the cultural diversity, it is very common in many countries that the education of boys is mostly being done by women (home and school). If a boy has a father living in a family (which is even not always the case! ), he sees the father far too seldom. Thus the male role model is often missing. In the army they have enough male educators.

3. They say, boys start a good friendship with a good fight. Boys are not that good with soft skills of socializing like girls. Boys need leadership and discipline probably more that women.

4. An army (in its ideal form, not any particular one) gives a feeling for order which is missing a lot in a civil life. One understands “the rules of the game”, learns to act fast and react appropriately in a crisis situation. One is mobile and strong. All the hardship of the army service is a really good life school. (more…)


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