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Intercultural differences seen from airplane June 15, 2009

Everylity time I take off in Vienna, I am fascinated by the structured geometry of the Austrian fields.

Love for clear lines and order is probably the reflection of the German blood in the Austrian character. Just look at this snap I took yesterday:

Amazing, isn’t it?

Just one hour by car away from Vienna we find Slovakia, a small Slavic country. It shares the same main river Danube with Austria, but obviously not much of Austrian mentality: (more…)


Strolling around the Austrian fields…(photo-report) October 12, 2008

images by axinia

When the soft hills are cultivated by the loving and caring humans, the earth becomes the wonder of the aesthetic perfection.

The earth seems to be so soft, so relaxed… (more…)


It`s all about the perspective… February 26, 2008


photo by axinia

It can be the same landscape, but depending on the window we look through, it may look quite different… An old wisdom but it`s nice to remind oneself about it from time to time 🙂

LOVE, axinia


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