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Why people like to travel April 1, 2008


photo by axinia

Why do we travel? To see new places? To get new experiences? To meet new people? To get way from the daily routine? All that and more are the reasons for the traveller-mood, which is well known to many of us. But these are the obvious reasons. Is there any hidden one? 

Travelling is the first step of seeking the truth. Seeking the truth is the ultimate aim of that seeking for something feeling (or call it wanting something I don`t know what). When we visit foreign countries, it is – deeply seen – not the outer impressions we are looking for. It is the power, the energy, the vibrations of the place we feel. For it is what is truly behind the cladding! 

There are countries we want to visit at any rate. We feel attracted and affected by its mystery, beauty, danger or uniqueness… There are lands we never want to visit – even if they seem to be same mysterious, fascinating or beautiful. What is the reason? (more…)


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