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Internet is my morning coffee December 7, 2009

As a B-person, I find it hard to wake up in the morning. I mean to fully wake up, not simply hang around like a somnambul.:)

Since I don’t drink coffee at home, I found a good way to wake my body up: INTERNET! My theory goes that the informational “coffee” first switches my brain on, and then the brain sends impulses to body to start working. Somehow or rather, it works well.

Checking Internet (my blog, emails and Facebook) right after brushing my teeth gives a good start for the rest of the morning procedures and  – interestingly! – does not disturb  my morning meditation which I usually do before leaving for work. In fact, meditation does the second part of waky-waky: it breaths live and powers into me, but this is another story…

I wonder what helps YOU to wake up?

😉 thanks,

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US starts the “war of ideas” on Russian Internet October 30, 2008

 image by katisommer

…And now they are focusing on Russia. After the terror-suspected Arabic, Persian, and Urdu-speaking nations, US Department of State has officially launched the „war of ideas” on Russian Internet.

I have been always fascinated by the cleverness of the American propaganda techniques, in that very case I find it amazing that they actually announce it.

The Department of State directly engages participants in online discussion forums and blogs on the Internet through the Digital Outreach Team. It was created in the summer of 2007 as a result of Karen Hughes’s U.S. National Strategy for Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication as a non-BBG media activity that could help counteract negative propaganda about the U.S.

Under Secretary of State James Glassman explained that there are three elements to the teams’ work. They explain American policy, encourage cultural exchange and engage in a “war of ideas.” The war of ideas has received particular emphasis in recent months. It is, according to Glassman, the use words to combat violent extremism.

How does it exactly work? The members of the Digital Outreach Team enter into digital conversations online either on other people’s blogs or other websites.  (more…)


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