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What 1000 Russian men told about their Ideal Woman August 2, 2008

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The recent study of an analytical center in Russia gives an insight into one pretty intriguing topic- what does female ideal look like? The cultural aspect plays here a crucial role – I wonder how much the results would differ in the other countries.

The study was done in Mai 2008 by the analytical center of SuperJob.ru. Representative number of Russian men gave thier opinion on the female ideal. Interestingly a strong differentiation has been found between a wife and a girlfriend. The grafic shows the results in Russian, I`ve made a short English summary here on my Shaktipower blog.

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Airport ranking – my top 5 most interesting July 24, 2008

I have been travelling by plane since I was a baby. I love airports. I even wanted to become a stewardess :). I have not been around the whole world, but there is a number of airports I have been departing from and arriving at: Vilnus, Moscow (2 airports), Vienna, Paris, Mumbai, London, Istanbul, Milan, Frankfurt, Nizza, Berlin, Zürich, New Delhi, Tashkent, Rostov-on-Don, Khakriv, Doha to name a few I could remember.

Each airport is a kind of a visitcard of a country/city. It is interesting to see how much of the national character  is involved into the design and service of that very special place – airport.

Here is my personal ranking of 5 best airports I have visited so far:

Number 5: Milan airport (Italy), makes rather an out-dated impression (probably build in the 1970s), but has its charm due to the green colour and massive ads of Italian designers: (more…)


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