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Do you think there is generally more good or evil power in the world? March 31, 2009

 (image by me)

Apparently that is not an easy question – when we look around and listen to the media and complains of people we can think that the world  is full of evil powers/negative happenings/bad people etc.

I would really like to know what YOU think of it!

My opinion: there is definitely more good than evil. And not because I am such an optimist 🙂 No. The reason is that the nature of good is constructive, the Good loves to create and to nourish. The nature of evil is to destroy. Thus, if  evil would have been the dominant power, this world would be no longer there. As simple as that 🙂

What say?


LOVE, axinia


What is really wrong with capitalism? Or Why I believe in communism. February 23, 2008

 photo by axinia

 Capitalism, Neo-Liberalism, Corporatism – call it whatever, I personally have a big difficulty with the kind of a system I live in. One of the reasons for that difficulty can be that I spent my childhood and youth in a society that was not driven by money and consumption (at least not to that extend like in the West). It seemed to me that people  – because they were not that stressed to make money and to spend them – lived happier, enjoyed more and appreciated the human values like friendship, family, creativity.

When I came to live in the West 10 years ago I was most of all shocked by the concept of profit, which seemed to be very natural for people here. Profit, copy-right, interest… It took me years to comprehend the ways and methods of this system. And now, while working as a Sales Manager in the Marketing and PR business (!)  – imagine what I think about all that machine. Day by day, the more I can penetrate into the depth of the capitalism, the more I understand that my personal belief lays somewhere else. May be I am a communist? (more…)


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