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How to measure your Spiritual Growth? January 28, 2010

We all know – the Ego wants to take, to absorb, to possess everything and the heart only wants to give, to share, to nourish.

Suddenly a simple idea stroke my mind: it’s so easy to check out how far I am in my spiritual growth by a simple test. I just need to watch and introspect how often I want to get and how often to give.

When I think of it, I remember that people who impress me with their spiritual depth are extremely giving, amazingly generous, heartedly caring… And I recall some who do as if they were spiritually evolved but one can’t get anything from them – no time, no attention, no sharing, no presents… literary nothing.

Since the heart is the place where the Spirit dwells, it becomes obvious that the larger the heart is, the stronger is the manifestation of the Spirit and thus the beauty of spiritual growth.

Check yourself 🙂

LOVE, axinia

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Pouring love down is so… exciting! October 23, 2008

image by axinia

How often do we feel love? True love, pure love, unconditional love? Someone said that Love is something what multiplies when you share it. And how very true it is!

I have noticed that to increase the amount of love in my life has become so easy since I… pour it down around myself. The Love grows like a snowball and creates a kind of a buffer around me, and whatever happens  – many negative things just can not pierce through! Feeling love, giving love, accepting love becomes such an exiting occupation. Can it be THE RULE of the game of life that we all trying to find out?

Pouring love down means to me:

saying “I love you” every time I feel love – and that, to everyone from my boss to a newly met person.

saying “I love you” to people who are close to me at least 20? 50? 100? times a day (never counted that exactly thought) 🙂 And showing my affection to them!

saying “I love” to something I really enjoy – any kind of activity, food, objects, whatever makes me happy. Not the mere “I like”!

giving flowers spontaneously – to my best girlfriend when she is sad or to a nice waitress in my favourite cafe (mind that I am girl myself :)) (more…)


This rose is for you! June 20, 2008

 image by axinia

Yes, this rose is for YOU and you only! – whoever you are, a random visitor or my passionate reader…

I shot this photo some time ago and was keeping it save for some very special post. Or some very special person…. I find this rose so breath-taking gentle and alive, that I wanted to share it on a very, very special occasion. And suddenly I realised that the most special occasion is to present this virtual rose TO MY READER.

Please, take it and enjoy it. It comes from the bottom of my heart.

You can copy, forward, do whatever you like – it is YOURS.

LOVE, axinia


Giving and forgiving: one case study April 27, 2008

 photo by axinia

Today is the Easter in Russia, and may be that is why I can`t leave the topic of forgiving. One intresting example I just experienced last week: it fits so well the theme and may be will help one or the other to overcome this greatest hurdle of non-forgiving.

Some days ago I was accused of doing something I definitly did not do – at least not on purpose. The thought of someone accusing me of doing something what is against my principles was not a pleasant one. Obviously it was a misunderstanding, and it had to be cleared. The next day I went shopping for a friend`s birthday present and suddenly saw a lovely tie. (more…)


Why women love generous men October 16, 2007


Most women love generous men. At least I never met any who does not :).

Are men actually aware of that fact? And if not than why? Because the ladies keep silent on the topic?

I love making private social studies with my friends and colleagues. One of the most popular topics – of course! – the gender relationships (actually I have another blog dedicated to that topic). According to my oral surveys through years, most of the girls consider two main things the most important in men: RELIABILITY and GENEROSITY. 

My favorite topic is generosity (and  reliability goes without saying!).

Why generosity is so important for ladies?

Let me give you my explanation. (more…)


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