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The taste of affection April 14, 2009

 (image by me)

I wonder if our favorite food represents in a way our character? – It would be logical, as everything we prefer somehow represents us 🙂

I suddenly  realised that most of the food I like has the same kind of structure -it is very soft and oft puree-like: potato puree, mango-lassie, zefir, fruit-puree, sponge-cake, souffle, etc.

All these products remind me of tenderness and affection, which I value the most in myself and in relationships…


Can you find a correlations with your favorite foods and character features?

LOVE, axinia


Russian cold and Russian food December 24, 2008

Since many years I keep visiting Russia in the cold time, mostly in winter. This time I suddenly realised that I actually enjoy that and I really love feeling the frost on my cheeks! Russian cold is very different from the European – even the very low temperatures feel not that nasty because of the dry climate. Russian -10 degree C would feel like European zero degree C.

It is great to visit Russia in winter, especially when it is dry or full of snow. Then you will enjoy Russia as a frosty fairy tale:

If the weather is not that clear, then you will have to enjoy a different look:

I guess it is due to the soil that streets of every Russian town and villages are very dusty, no matter how they clean them.

Russians are basically simple people and they love to eat simple food like bread – the variety of bread is vast and looks tasty, isn`t it? (more…)


Eating spiritually? September 8, 2008

 image by axinia

A friend of mine, an Indian journalist in US Priyanka Joshi, has written an intersting article on her blog about eating spiritually. Here are some abstracts:

In ancient Indian culture, Food has been treated as being sacred, having deeply valuable medicinal qualities, helping the individual to grow optimally physically, mentally and spiritually. For the last 8 yrs, I’ve been teaching free classes in Seattle and Bellevue on meditation and eating spiritually. I’ve also written about it in Indian national press and have prominent doctors attest to the following findings.


On Left sided days, we “go with the flow” a little too much, often repressing our true feelings, we tear up easily, we get over emotional, we get too attached to people and things and we find solace in romantic/tragic films/novels. Our superego comes up and we get smug or cynical, thinking we know everything about this sick, hypocritical, no good world. We feel powerless, hesitant about the future. Worry not! (more…)


Italian secret (+ slideshow) April 4, 2008

This March turned out to be a holiday month for me – apart from the great journey to Russia and India I went to Italy on corporate holidays.Italy is a country which I know since many years (used to live there for one year and keep coming for a short holidays every summer). But this time Italy s me showed me its true face – its true beauty. The essence of Italian charm: Tuscany.

First enjoy my photo-report with some comments and they read more on Italian secret.

They say Italy is the SOUL OF THE EARTH, and it is what one can feel immediately when in Italy. What I feel when in Italy: (more…)


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