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Why a marriage works or not January 17, 2010

One may view a marriage as two people standing back to back , each protecting the other in a particular way.

It is the feminine task to protect not only herself but her man nad  her family from the dangers of inner world; moods, inflations, excesses, vulnerabilities, and what used to be called possessions. There are the things a woman’s genius can manage much better that a man’s. Usually he has his own task in facing the outer world and keeping the family safe.

There is a particular danger in the modern attitude in which both people face the our world, both spend their time in outer things. This leaves their inner world unprotected and many dangers creep into the household through this unprotected quarter. Children are particularly vulnerable to this unprotectedness.

When a marriage begins the partners are like two discrete circles overlapping a little. The division between he two is great and each has a specific task. As the marriage partners grow older, each learns a bit of other’s genius, and finally the two circles overlap more and more.

found in “She” by Robert A.Johnson, a Jungian analytic


The poem to give to your mom – Mother’s day poem October 17, 2009

God created mother coz

He can’t be present everywhere…

But I feel god made mother coz,

He can’t fill that place…

never have I learnt anything

than in her cradle

never I felt any love,

than in her cuddle…

the stairway to heaven in her mothers lap

the doorway of love is in her eyes (more…)


The way an open heart operates October 7, 2009

What do we know about being open hearted? We may certainly understand what the media portrays as love; it is two people finding each other attractive, falling in love and marrying in one episode (after a small yet entertaining bust up, of course). For many people, this simplistic chain of events is their ultimate dream, and of course they are often disappointed when things don’t turn out exactly as they had hoped, and the dream fades aways under an onslaught of bickering or misunderstanding.

The heart is the seat of our love and home to our compassion. However all too often we are afraid ot open up and allow these wonderful qualities to flow as they should. We hide behind our fears, doubts and ambitions, displaying a false mask to the world to avoid being hurt. The result is the society based on illusion, hidden behind ego and posturing, never truly communicating as human being to human being. Small wonder then that the divorce rate is so high in the modern world, and that relationships come and go as the wind blows. (more…)


Why make so much fuss about married life? September 29, 2009

When I was a young girl, people used to tell me: “wait until you get married, this is the real life experience, then you will discover how life can treat you!”.  Mostly, when mentioning marriages, many people start nodding all-knowingly, meaning “yes, this is a serious thing… can be difficult” and so on.

I am married since almost 5 years and I still can`t find out what is so special about this union in terms of it being more complicated than any other type of  relationship, because that is exactly what people seem to mean speaking of marriage in general.

I absolutely agree that marriage is a very special and even sacred type of relationships for many reasons. However empirically I can`t  make out that it differs from other institutions like friendship, colleagueship or between parent and child. People deal with same kinds of issues: love, commitment, trust, jealousy, pain, joy, sorrow, worries, sharing… but why does marriage appear to many as the most difficult? (more…)


Marriage is a trade September 12, 2009

Marriage is a trade where you get more than what you bring. Gregoire de Kalbermatten

Although it sounds brutally capitalistic, it is true – whatever we give in a marriage, the gain is always higher. May be because only in this sacred institution we have a chance to grow and get transformed so much more than in any other kind of relationships?.. (more…)


FRIENDSHIP – why it is the ultimate form of any relationship August 6, 2009

image by axinia

Friendship is a word which we all use in our everyday language, and yet it could take one’s whole life only to realize its
meaning. However learned a person may be, however pious, spiritual, or experienced, if he has not learned that nature and
character of friendship he has not learned anything.
This is the first and the last thing we have to learn. We so often use this
word lightly, calling every acquaintance a friend, or professing to be somebody’s friend; but the more we realize the meaning of
it, the less we are able to claim friendship. For everything in life we are tested, examined, and tried, but to pass this examination
of friendship is the most difficult thing in the world.

What is the reason for this? Why is it so difficult to be a friend? One would think that it was the easiest thing there is! The
reason is that there is something in ourselves which is always against our being friendly. It is the the ego.

As long as this ego is standing and lives, a man cannot claim to be anybody’s friend. And when he is not somebody
else’s friend he is not even his own friend, for one learns friendship by being a friend to another. A selfish man may seem to be
a friend to himself but, it is on the surface, not in reality. He has not yet learned how to be a friend to another, so he cannot be
a friend to himself. In our pursuit of truth we want to learn a great many things: the nature of life, the secret of life, the character
of life; and to understand the meaning of friendship seems so easy and simple that we never trouble to think about it, nor about
the responsibility of being a friend.

It is a simple lesson, and it is a lesson that we have to learn; today when nations are against nations and races against races,
when communities are against communities, and one religion against another, it is now that friendship is so much needed.
Besides, friendship is the first lesson of spirituality that one can learn. One may think that friendship, a personal friendship,
means nothing; that one does not become spiritual through a personal friendship. But one does. (more…)


21 Suggestions for Success April 7, 2009

 (image by me)

A friend sent me this great list of simple success-tricks, to which I completely agree because all my life experience proves every single point here. And yours?

1.    Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.
2.    Work at something you enjoy and that’s worthy of your time and talent.
3.    Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
4.    Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
5.    Be forgiving of yourself and others.
6.    Be generous.
7.    Have a grateful heart.
8.    Persistence, persistence, persistence.
9.    Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.
10. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
11. Commit yourself to constant improvement.
12. Commit yourself to quality. (more…)


It is so great to be born as a woman! March 8, 2009


The greatest thing about being a woman is that a woman can express her love

much easier

and in a more understandable and acceptable way than a man.

A motherly or a sisterly love is accepted easier than a brotherly love

which may at first appear as some other kind of interest.


And to be able to express love… what can be more fulfilling?

HAPPY 8th of March, the Intenational Women’s Day!!

LOVE, axinia


LOVE in a time of global crisis February 13, 2009

The current global crisis is a popular topic. Even on the Valentine`s day one can talk about it!

Apart from a number of funny articles  how to date on a tight budget like here, we can find some reasonable connection between love and the crisis.

LOVE gives security– in the world which seems to be falling apart,  security is the first aid. But what can guarantee security today? Only LOVE, because, as we all know, loves makes us wear the pink glasses: The problems seem to be smaller and easy to manage – because the power of love simply eliminates them…

LOVE gives sustainance – not onyl it is easier to survive together, but also love itself is nourishing and supporting…

LOVE gives happiness  – and that of a different quality than some good shopping or a great food…

LOVE is the eternal fire that gives hope and security in the darkening times of the global decay of materialism. May be it is finally the time to start living the true values like love and compassion instead of gried and lust? (I know, it sounds silly and outdated, but actually -why not??)

Therefore – let`s be in love, with many as possible! – and the global crisis may turn out to be the global Resurrection.

LOVE, axinia


Confusion of roles January 30, 2009

 image y axinia

There is a complete confusion of roles and people are no longer sure what it means to be a man or a woman. God has created two sexes for good reasons, and these two sexes I feel are like two wheels of a chariot.Of course, there is a certain space or distance between the two and although equal and similar, they are not identical. One is on the left side and the one is on the right side. If you try to fit the left into the right side and the right side to the left, it won´t work out.

Apart from that, if you make one of those wheels smaller or less important than the other, this will prevent the chariot from moving forward and it will just go round and round in the circles. (more…)


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