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Ask yourself about the most important people in your life – a doomsday test November 2, 2012

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The idea of this post stroke me while reading an article on some new doomsday 21 December 2012 predictions. An article from one Russian online media spreads “Tibetian monk’s message to NASA about doomsday 2012″ . The message is somewhat new compared to the well known earlier predictions; it warns about 3-4 days of total darkness and electricity collapse all over the Earth, and recommends to stay away from cities for two months period. I just imagined what could it be and suddenly I thought – hey, this can be the best test to find out about the most important people in our lives!

Imagine the situation of a total disaster and necessity to survive through some really difficult time with few people around – whom would you prefer to be with in this crucial moment? For family people the answer can be easy, it is the family -although some people may answer differently. 

I wonder what singles would say on that? Even if you have many good friends, whom would you choose to be with? – and mind that this person should really be able to stay with you for this dramatic adventure and not choose other people to be with…I think this is an interesting question to ask oneself…It can also clarify a lot on any complicated relationship.

In order to help you to paint the situation better, here is the article which inspired me (sorry for very rough translation): (more…)


The positive impact of 2012 end-of-the world mood April 23, 2010

We live in a highly interesting time. Another doomsday mood is increasing  and people all over the world are responding in a very special way: many start seeking something beyond their mundane life!

In the last couple of years I am observing a powerful shift in a  mindset of “down-to Earth” people I meet. More and more practical, either simple-minded working class or highly intelligent atheists start asking themselves: What if??

The  2010 series of nature-disasters and the Polish flight drama have well contributed to this mood. We all have just realized that our sophisticated machines are NOTHING agains the Nature if the Mother Earth raises its voice.

So what is the cure? How can we protect our lives from the possible uproar of Nature?

And here, as a lost child, the humanity turns its head into the opposite to the technical direction – namely, to Spirituality. For a person with spiritual powers can talk to Nature, the rest (scientists, politicians, artists)- cannot.

Do you also observe this tendency? Do you see what I see?

Loads of love, axinia (image by me)


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