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One more advantage of blogging! September 2, 2008

 image by katisommer

This month I celebrate my 2 years of blogging!

Apart from being such an excellent tool for sharing and communication, blogging is also something between two desirable professions which I could never really experience: a Journalist (I am not critical enough for that job) and a writer (not serious enough about becoming one yet)… But that is my personal thing.

Something else what I notice can be extremely useful for everyone who bloggs – you can spare so many words in any discussion just by giving a link to one of your posts! Especially for the hard online comunicators it  can become a pure blessing: you write something ONLY ONCE and then always reffer to it! Very useful in our busy-busy times…


P.S. I wonder if my readers-bloggers also use blogposts for the same purpose?



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