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The timing pressure April 8, 2009

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Stress is the one of the most popular words in this part of the world (apparently not so in Russia or India). People claim getting stress by everything possible, not only by work but also by taking care of their families. Life becomes a constant stress.

Leading basically relaxed and happy life, even I can confess using the word “stress” too often…Why? Trying to understand WHAT exactly stresses me, such a happy person, I came to an interesting conclusion: it is ONLY the time pressure! Because no amount of work and tasks outside my work can stress me otherwise, no problems make me feel hopeless and depressed, I easily see a way out of any situation…But this horrible need of being “on time” for everything puts a huge pressure over me. Coming on time to work, meeting deadlines, meeting people on time… The thing why I don’t want to take it seriously is simply because I see that efficiency – at least in my life -mostly does not correlate with this strickt discipline. Some discipline must be there, that is for sure. But trying to be everywhere on time is just too hard.

 I wonder if you share same experiences?

The best way to see how things can work differently is to travel to some other than Western country (say, India or Russia). The relaxed attitude towards work and duties can cut down the material comfort feeling, however things are still being done, and sometimes with much more love and attention than at places where timing is one of the top values… Ideally  one should reach a good balance between being on time and avoiding stress of it,  but obviously a human being can not completely avoid the timing pressure. I heard that some advanced yogis are able to reach the evolutionary state of being “beyond” time – I guess it means one is always on time without even trying it…May be one day I will reach this blissful state too 🙂

LOVE, axinia


Why every man should serve in the army June 10, 2008

 image by jeffinmoscow

That is quite a hard statement and probably even shocking for most of my beloved readers… But let me give you some reasons for that personal belief of mine.

1. An army as an institution is not about making war. That is a totally wrong concept. In the first line it is about protection, for safety is the second basic need according to the well known Maslow`s hierarchy of needs.

2. Despite of the cultural diversity, it is very common in many countries that the education of boys is mostly being done by women (home and school). If a boy has a father living in a family (which is even not always the case! ), he sees the father far too seldom. Thus the male role model is often missing. In the army they have enough male educators.

3. They say, boys start a good friendship with a good fight. Boys are not that good with soft skills of socializing like girls. Boys need leadership and discipline probably more that women.

4. An army (in its ideal form, not any particular one) gives a feeling for order which is missing a lot in a civil life. One understands “the rules of the game”, learns to act fast and react appropriately in a crisis situation. One is mobile and strong. All the hardship of the army service is a really good life school. (more…)


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