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The power-communicator: 4 basics May 16, 2007

  photo axinia

It opens the doors, it solves problems, it gives us the feeling of belonging and the enjoyment of other´s company: communication is the charismatic leader of today.

 Some simple yet powerful rules derived from my own successful communication style:


The witness state brings both acuity of judgement and clarity of perception. It creates a strong defensive barrier against the flood of thoughts , suggestions, conditioning and manipulations that confuse so many of us. If you know YOU ARE IN A PLAY – obstacles, deadline and challenging remain but they lose their power to worry or upset.


 “As soon as you decide to please others, the tongue becomes different it becomes sweet, like honey.” – says Shri Mataji and it does work wonders! Pleasing others, unfortunately, has not been seen very positive in our society (I guess it goes together with the dominating masculine style of communication). Communication is a chance to create a joyful, happy situation, why not start enjoying already before you start communicating? (more…)


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