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Why most of commentors on my blog come from India? August 28, 2008

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This is the question which I ask myself when I see the list of my stamm-commentor, but also the random ones…

I am Russian living in Austria, and my blog is dedicated to spirituality in general, although such topics as Russia and Austria, or generally western mindset are well covered. Posting on spiritually, one can not avoid India, right. But it is not that I post more on India than on any other subject!

So is it because Indians are so sensitive to Spirituality? Or simply because they are the most passionate commentors in the world??

I keep meeting people who read my blog and NEVER comment here. And I have lots of readers from all over the world! But WHY Indians?

I would really love to understand that mystery…




Only 1% of user generate Web 2.0 content? December 2, 2007

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They speak about 1% rule: only 1% of user generate the content in Web 2.0. But what are the true numbers?

 Mc Kinsey has recently aired a study on the topic.mckinsey
Source: Mc Kinsey

The study shows that in fact 2% of Wikipedia User create 60 % of content. About 4% of Youtube und SecondLife user generate more than 90 % of content. The fat 10% of  del.icio.us user generate 60 % of its content. That comes closer to the 80-20 rule (Pareto principle). Robert Basic makes a conclusion that in fact the percentage of user generated content  of one site grows with the time.

What motivates people to contribute for free? (more…)


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