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Why men love blue and women pink colour? June 8, 2010

Traditionally in most (all?) cultures men prefer blue and women red shades. Interesting enough,  these preferences are not taught, but built in (various studies prove that).

I just thought of a simple explanation why.

In the ancient knowledge of Yoga, the right energy channel of a human body  is said to be yellow(can get red). It contains heat and generally stands for the Sun and masculine principle.

The left energy channel is of a blue colour and stands for the Moon and the female principle. By the way, the same works for Yin and Yan in the Chinese philosophy.

Thus, men prefer blue because it balances their yellow/red energy, and women prefer red(pink, orange, etc.) because it balances their blue!

 As simple as that 🙂

Any other observations on your side?

LOVE; axinia

(images of me and my husband, taken mutually)


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