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Will crisis boost blogosphere? February 9, 2009

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Everyone seems to blog… everyone?? No, there is still a great potential for blogging to spread around the Earth – and the great current crisis seem to be the driving force.

The print media business is experiencing serious difficulties and the readers switch to the online media. And  – suddenly they find themselves slipping into the blogosphere. Once tasted blog-reading one can hardly leave it. The authentical experiences of people taste crunchy and one gets easily addicted. One becomes a blog-reader and then one day, at some point one finds  himself/herself blogging!

Being the cheapest and most authentic form of information services, blogging will definitely boost this year.

 At least some positive  outcome of the crisis. 




New styling for my blog April 10, 2008

I really loved my old Theme – it was so cosy, round, elegant and special. But these terrible problems of inserting the right font made the think of a new theme. After some crazy rush around the WordPress themes I chose the one you see now. And somehow, I felt it is a new start! May be it is beautiful spring outside that inspired me… Anyway I am glad I did that and hope the posting will be even more fun after I switched to this user-friendly layout.

I hope very much that not only me but also my dear guests are happy with this change. Are you?

And here is the header picture (from my lst Italy trip) – please note that it goes well with my new avatar 🙂


LOVE, axinia





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