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Know Thyself – it is about itellectual examination? August 3, 2008

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The exhortation to “know thyself” is often taken to require nothing more than a sort of intellectual examination of our personality. But in reality, real self-knowledge comes not from the mind, but from an experiencing of -and eventually a fusion with-our own complex spiritual system.

The ancient Seers literary spent their whole lives in deep meditation, trying to unravel the form and function of this mysterious and subtle system. Many introspections ended up frustratingly fruitless and empty, but from the few who managed to achieve genuine enlightenment, we have gained as invaluable understanding of the subtle spiritual instrument, energy channels and chakras.

Many of these insights must have been accompanied by direct physical sensations, which were then used to track these subtly energy flows and prove their existence outside of the meditative state. (more…)


Your Heart: is it weak or strong? April 21, 2008

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It is not merely romantic nonsense to say that the heart is the seat of your love and compassion. It is a fact. We open our heart to those that are closest to us both in a physical way (by demonstration of affection and generous action) and in a subtle way though the feeling of tenderness and overwhelming concern we have for them.

We say someone is closed hearted when they seem uncaring and selfish, and we call them open hearted when they give to all without a question. These are real examples of power of the heart to help or hinder our enjoyment of life.

A weak heart chakra can show up in may different ways, for example through mean spirited actions, or though deep insecurities which drive us to be selfish through fear. We can find evidence of a weak heart centre in those who are overly neurotic or frail, or in those who question everyone`s motives. Even overly ascetic people can be victims of this problem. (more…)


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