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The most silly question people keep asking me October 12, 2009

When the cold time is coming, I dress myself warm and enjoy the cold. If I am not dressed warm enough, I naturally freeze  🙂 At this moments all possible people start asking me: “how it is possible that you are freezing, you are RUSSIAN!” And this is, really, sounds the too silly to me. Why should Russians have different body temperature? Because they live in “cold climate”? Science say that it is either te muscles or the fat that keeps the body warm. But not being originally from Russia 🙂

Russians indeed know how to keep warm in the cold winter (albite the spring and the summer are pretty cold as well!) and the 2 main reasons are:

1.The central heating system (thanks God for the natural resources) works very well. People are not used to save money on heating (at least it was in my childhood) because it costs almost nothing.

2.The most logical thing: dress up yourself warm! 🙂 Interestingly, this is not that logical for my Western friends. I see people freezing and being dressed rather insufficient. Then,  because of saving money obsession, many do not heat up their homes properly. They freeze inside, they freeze outside. No wonder the hearts get closed 😦 A freezing person is unlucky to feel happy I think. (more…)


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