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If you want to be successful – work hard and you will be. If you don`t want – you will be even more successful! August 11, 2008

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Our success-oriented society is hard to withstand. Hardly anyone wants to be a looser. But what factors bring success – hard work? luck? connections? all of them together? or it is something else?

In the yogic life there is a concept of “detachment”- and this is something which opposes the modern logic. Detachment means ” not to desire” something, just go with the flow…Not to persist on something, not to try to reach anything… just do whatever the life/God/destiny wants you to do…

People who know me distantly are all sure I am a typical career-woman (! :)) and therefore successful. People who know me closer understand, that it is not the case. I never wanted any success, because it seems so funny to me. But surprisingly, I keep getting interesting offers, positions, awards, rewards, etc….I dont really care, I just love to do what I am doing. And the success accompanies me on its own. That makes me smile 🙂 (more…)


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