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Who is brain-washing whom? December 23, 2012


I recently met a highly influential person from one developed country‘s national TV. The person was the main producer of this channel, the one who decided and even created programmes watched by millions.

I decided to pick up the chance and asked the man what he actually thought about brainwashing the poor TV watchers. And I got an answer the most unexpected: Not that the producer was confused to admit that, no! He looked at me and ask what I think of people who watch all the stuff?

 He confessed that this is all about money and very little about any politics or brainwashing. He told me: “Look, TV is money. We have to create programmes that people like and watch. We cannot make people watch anything we like. The choice is always on the other side of the screen. If the rating of a programme falls, we quit it, as simple as that.”

I think this was an answer to many modern problems: we make choices that make us suffer, that let us consume stupid stuff. We are so much more powerful by making the right choices! – but how often do we realize that? The idea is not new, but it was refreshing to hear it from someone I believed to be one of the main “brain-washers”.

At the end of the conversation with this producer I dropped a note that I was not watching any TV since 8 years… There was no way he could impress me by his work.



Why I do not watch TV since years June 8, 2009

(image by me)

I gave up watching TV about 5 years back and I am still very much satisfied with that decision. Moreover I keep learning from other people that they either reduce their TV consumption or set it aside as well. So there seems to be a trend about it!

Now I can honestly admit that I do not miss TV at all. Really! Let me give you some reasons why and tell you how I survive without this powerful mass media.


I gather information about world’s happenings mostly from the web, seldom from newspapers and magazines. AND: it is important for me to be able to read news at least in 3 languages (English, Russian and German), sometimes in 4 (+Italian), which gives me a more balanced overview and is in fact a kind of a vaccination against total brainwash. It amazes me how often one and the same happening being interpreted in different countries. And then I think how differently it will be percepted by the people…and where from so much hatred results…OMG!


Sometimes, once in several months I want to see some really good feature film or a  documentary, then I go to the cinema or watch a DVD. I came to a conclusion that there is no need to watch so many films, because most of them are simply not worthy of my precious time (hope my two good freinds script-writers will  forgive me). I watch the lives of people around and it is so much more interesting! – so many amazing situations, miracles, dramas, emotions… No film-director can ever show it better than the life itself!

Another thing  may be my love for detail in a daily life and photo-hunting is a lovely hobby – my “rose coloured glasses” makes life colourful and enjoyable every moment.

3. IT SAVES TIME! (more…)


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