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What’s wrong with smoking? – the real reason why non-smokers hate it September 15, 2009

Smoking… The topic has been a smoky hot discussion since many years, although recently it has become even hotter in Europe. I am not a friend of discussions, because  – as I stated earlier – I am a convinced existentialist and thus I belive that perceptions could not be discussed in general, because of their subjective nature. However I want to share with you one intresting insight on this problematic topic.

There are 1000 and 1 arguments the non-smokers give while trying to justify their intolerance of other’s smoking. I don’t really care for all these arguments. I can only state that unfortunately I am a militant objector of smoking, and I can’t  help it. No amount of spiritual growth  helps me to tolerate smoking around me or especially into my face. Recently I was wondering WHY I actually do not mind seeing people drunk, under drugs, whatever – although that is disgusting but it never bothers me to such extend as smoking?! WHY? I finally asked my husband who has a special boon of knowing all the answers 🙂 And you know what he told me? (more…)


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