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What I miss in Avatar and many similar films January 6, 2010

The idea of a Super Hero is something which is so typical for the Western Film production that nobody questions it. Having my Soviet background, when we used to watch films with a winning team, not a Super Hero, I get sick of the this typical One Man Show.

Even if Avatar can be considered as a breakthrough into the new technological and even spiritual level (at some point), then still the message of one man saving the world seems very unnatural to me.

Although in the history of humanity we had many single leaders who managed to bring about the changes, I believe that very soon, if not starting with Today, the humanity will evolve to the next level of collective action. I do not mean that the masses will act unorganised. I think at some point when we all reach a certain level of awareness (some more some less, but still) we can jump into this new dimension of collective decision making, acting and achieving.   (more…)


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