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Akiane, a child prodigy artist – love and compassion in paint March 16, 2009

There are various debates about her on the Internet. Some voices speak of her with awe, others speak of her in a knocking fashion – usually because she is religious and believes passionately in God (today it seems to be suspisious). Interestingly, being a daughter of atheist parents, Akiane learned about God through visions that appeared to her. She was home schooled, didn’t watch TV and their home doesn’t have Internet connection. So, there is no outside influences to her art and spiritual awakening. Everything that she learned is all from visions.

She was born on July 9th, 1994, underwater at home. Growing up with a few siblings, she is obviously blessed with an incredible gift, and she is very intelligent. She can speak four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English, and Sign language.

Akiane showed, from a very early age, a high degree of technical skill in the making of fine art paintings. There was a very high degree of precocity in these works, such that they appeared to have been made by the steady hand and eye of a much older, more experienced artist. It is this quality of work that leads to the description of her as a child prodigy. Enjoy the video:

And check  Akiane’s homepage here.


P.S. Akiane means Ocean…


The unknown talent of Leonardo da Vinci: story-telling September 9, 2008

Apart from being an absolutely outstanding personality, the great Leonardo da Vinici was famous for something, that got lost among his other brilliant and impressive talents like painting, science, inventing, music, etc. – namely for his very simple and wise fables, which he wrote in a similar vein to those of Aesop.

Almost five centuries after they were first penned some of Leonardo’s fables still exist and are told in the Tuscan countryside. Few people remember who was the author of these tales which were once told in the courts of France and Italy.  

Leonardo`s fables are very short, but involve complicated ideas and each one focused briefly on dangers like greed, jealousy and selfishness, or the benefits of compassion, kindness, honesty and generosity. It should be noted that fables are written, not so much for the entertainment of children, but to impart wisdom to adults.

Here is one of them: (more…)


Can foreigners perform Indian arts better than Indians? May 30, 2008

 image credit: SY Ukraine

It is really possible? I would say no, because I also never heard anybody singing Russian songs with a greater expression than Russians themselves…

However I am not sure any more when it comes to Indian Arts, because they seem to be of a para-national character (due to their spiritual character? – I guess spirit is an international unity).

Since years I am very much interested in Indian Arts, which are incredibly beautiful and (alas!)still largely unknown in the West. I have seen many performances of Indian masters (vocal, instrumental and dance) live and on videos which gave me quite a feeling for this special art.

The other day I read in the RIAN Russian news about the Indian Dance Festival that has taken place in New Delhi this week: 6 artists from Japan, USA, France, Ukraine, South Corea and Croatia performed before Indian public their art of the Indian Classical Dance (different styles).

An artist who was interview I know personally and therefore my interest was drown to that article even more (an abstract translated by me): “Lena Lakshmi from Ukraine lives in India since 10 years and studies Indian Classical Dance  kuchipudi in Chennai, South India. Lena referrers to the traditional Indian dance as an art, which is full of awareness and spirituality, compared to the Western Classical dance. (more…)


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