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Where did all the crisis money go? January 6, 2009

Last week I visited Frankfurt/Germany and saw THAT (see images)… And I suddenly realised where all the money disappeared – namely into this marvelous hole on the new building in the city of Frankfurt 🙂

I have no idea what was the inspiration of the architect, but that monster  seems to be the perfect symbol of what Russians call ” flew out into the hole/pipe” вылететь в трубу meaning “have lost loads of money”. That was my first thought when I saw it! (more…)


My Moscow impressions December 23, 2008

As promised, I am back with my Moscow impressions. Being a tourist in my “own” country gives me an interesting perspective to understand the background of things, but still see them detached and curious.

What is always breathtaking for me – sorry for the trivial take -is the Red Square. It is not only huge but it reminds me of a fairy-tale, see for yourself:

 ( me walking down the Red Square)

The oldest shopping center in Moscow (on the Red Square, facing Kremlin):

The figure-skating place directly on the Red Square: (more…)


The Colours of Vienna (slideshow) July 6, 2008

As  a typical European City, Vienna basically lacks colour. It is rather pale for my taste. Although there are quite a lot of greenery and flowers, most of the bright colours can be seen in the shop windows… I have made a collection of some colourful spots in Vienna. You will not see many people on the photos – Vieneese do not favour colourful cloths in general. It gets better in summer though 🙂

Please, enjoy Vienna – the City of my love:

LOVE, axinia


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