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Poll on Willpower: is it ego, free will or spiritual power? May 1, 2012

Willpower  comes from “Will” which does not refer to one particular or most preferred desire but rather to the general capacity to have such desiderata and act decisively to achieve them, according to whatever criteria the willing agent applies.

One of the repeating questions discussed in the Western philosophical tradition since Christianization is the question of “free will“, and the related but more general notion of fate, which asks how will can be truly free if the actions of people have natural or divine causes which determine them, but which are not really under the control of people. The question is directly connected to discussions of what Freedom is, and also the “problem of evil“, because it brings into question whether people really cause their own acts.

In idealist models of reality, the material world is either non-existent or is a secondary artifact of the “true” world of ideas. In such worlds, it can be said that everything is an act of will. Even if you are arrested by the police, this is actually an act of your will, too; if you didn’t want it to happen, you could have decided otherwise.

And what is your option about it? Does the free will exist? If yes, how strong can it be?  Do you think many people possess it? If not why? – please share your ideas as a comment.

The Poll is for those who do not like to post a comment but happy to press a button 🙂




What’s wrong with smoking? – the real reason why non-smokers hate it September 15, 2009

Smoking… The topic has been a smoky hot discussion since many years, although recently it has become even hotter in Europe. I am not a friend of discussions, because  – as I stated earlier – I am a convinced existentialist and thus I belive that perceptions could not be discussed in general, because of their subjective nature. However I want to share with you one intresting insight on this problematic topic.

There are 1000 and 1 arguments the non-smokers give while trying to justify their intolerance of other’s smoking. I don’t really care for all these arguments. I can only state that unfortunately I am a militant objector of smoking, and I can’t  help it. No amount of spiritual growth  helps me to tolerate smoking around me or especially into my face. Recently I was wondering WHY I actually do not mind seeing people drunk, under drugs, whatever – although that is disgusting but it never bothers me to such extend as smoking?! WHY? I finally asked my husband who has a special boon of knowing all the answers 🙂 And you know what he told me? (more…)


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