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Tukaram September 4, 2009

Tukaram is one of my favourite poet-saints about whom I had one of the strongest spiritual experiences ever. I once visited the place where he lived and was totally smashed into the bliss for hours…. This is the place of his samadhi  (feel the vibrations!!):


Tukaram was born in 1608, in the small village of Dehu in the West Indian state of Maharashtra. Tukaram continuously sang the praises of the Lord, he sang it in the form of abhangs which he wrote. These were in his mother tongue Marathi. The abhangs express his feelings and philosophical outlook. During his 41 years, Tukaram composed over 5,000 abhangs. Many of them speak of events in his life, which make them somewhat autobiographical. Yet, they are focused on God, and not Tukaram. His abhangs became very popular with the masses of common people. It was this very popularity that caused the religious establishment (the high caste Brahmins) to hate and persecute Tukaram. as, he was causing them to lose their power over the people.
There are many miracles attributed to Tukaram.

Here is a small poem of him: (more…)


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